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  • Duplicator is badly broken for newer versions of things. It doesn’t work with PHP7, fails to find the zip plugin. This bug has been known for some time and nothing has been done to fix it. The manual install method also does not work, it says you need to install a newer version of MySQL, yet the version I have is the newest. I found this to be a HUGE time waster. I would’t get the pro version if the free one is so badly broken, because it is the same bug-riddled code.

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  • Plugin Author Cory Lamle


    Hey @dkeats,

    Thanks for the feedback and sorry you ran into issues!

    A few comments:

    1. The plugin should work fine with PHP 7. We currently have it running on several sites of our own with 7, and have had hundreds of users report that it works fine for them. PHP 7 is an integral part of our testing and we have seen good success with it.

    The Zip plugin you mention uses a PHP class called ZipArchive. We simply do a check with class_exist to see if the server your running on has it installed correctly. If its not found, then there is nothing the plugin can do to fix it and it will fail.

    This is a server setup issue and there nothing that can be done through code/plugin to solve it. For PHP7 you will need to do a:

    sudo apt-get install php7.0-zip if your on a linux distro
    – then restart your web-server.

    If your on a shared host then your host will install it for you. 99% of all hosts should already have it installed. Additional info can be found here on our FAQ page.

    2. Regarding the MySQL server. We also run the very latest (currently 5.7.17) and have had good success. For Mysql server the plugin simply detects the versions of MySQL your running and provides notices if the versions are too far apart from the build to the install site. The version notices should never prevent you from trying to run the installer. All messages re-guarding Mysql versions are simply notices to help users through the process and try and detect possible issues that might arise.

    I don’t recall getting any support requests with the detect having issues with the latest unless your running mysql strict mode which the plugin does have support for. On step 1 of the installer under Advanced Opts you can adjust the sql mode. Many times this will help if your mysql versions have incompatibility issues with the SQL.

    Overall we are trying very hard to make the plugin newbie friendly, we do ask before setting a 1 star to try and post a help question on the forums or on our free help ticket system. In some cases we just are not going to be able to know about your environment. This is why we depend on the community to partner with us to improve it.

    In almost all cases we can help users get things setup and running. There are somethings we just can’t perform in code and require the environments to be setup. Again, sorry you ran into issues, please don’t hesitate to contact us and we hope you reconsider your vote!


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