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    Hi, Cory.

    I seem to recall you mentioning a couple months ago on the support forum that you didn’t know if Duplicator would work with multi-sites or not. I’m new to the multi-site procedure, and so my questions might not be phrased correctly. I’ll be using subdirectories, not subdomains.

    First, I was wondering if installing the Duplicated site will delete the Network setup. Should I install the Duplicated site first and then set up the Network?

    Second, has anyone given you feedback yet on whether Duplicated sites can be installed into the subdirectories of a multisite? Let’s say Hostgator hosts my root domain called Then I have a subdirectory domain (if that’s the right term). Let’s call it That’s the domain that will be used for the multisite network. My network multisites would be,, etc. (I’m making up these names.)

    Can I Duplicate the site into, and then go into and be able to edit it as if it were a completely separate domain?

    My terminology probably isn’t accurate, so I hope my questions make sense.

    Thanks 🙂

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  • Plugin Author Cory Lamle


    Hey Celeste,

    The latest version 0.5.0 has minor support for MU, basically it just does a few additional checks on the wp-config.php to replace/update specific MU variables. The procedures where actually given to me by another user who documented that additional items they had to make after moving an MU site.

    I personally have very little time with MU so I can’t really answer your question with complete assurance. Because there are so many different combinations anymore I usually have people experiment in their own sandboxes with the plugin and then report to me what they had to manually change and then I integrate that logic back into the plugin.

    This tends to be the best solution as its time consuming to to setup so many different test environments. If you want to try in a sandbox your setups and then report back to me any manual adjusts you had to make I’d be happy to integrate the logic…


    Hi, Cory. Thanks for the fast response!

    I’ve never used the sandbox method. I just work in localhost and then FTP to the online host.

    When I get to the point of using Duplicator with the multisite, I can let you know if any issues come up. Unfortunately, I don’t have the expertise to devise any manual adjustments on my own. I don’t do anything very fancy with websites except basic CSS customization. Maybe the latest version will work just fine with what I’m doing. I’ll definitely give you feedback one way or the other 🙂

    Plugin Author Cory Lamle


    Sounds good Celeste, looking forward to it.

    Celeste1212: Cloning sites in WP MultiSite use the proven Plug “NS Cloner – Site Copier”

    lifeinthegrid “Duplicator” is a great plugin, thank you for your work.
    I’m waiting for the MU will be officially supported.

    Plugin Author Cory Lamle


    I hope to get some of the project up into github later this year, your welcome to contribute if you want…


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