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    I have plugin Elementor Pro enabled. This comes with Elementor templates, that can be used in my Elementor pages.

    These Elementor templates (f.e. header, footer, single pages) can be duplicated without a problem. But: the permalink is also a copy of the old one, with ‘_2’ added. When you keep duplicating from the most recent template, this ends up in a permalink with incorrect name and ‘_2_2_2_2_2’ at the end.

    Would it be possible to leave the permalink open until the duplicated template is saved?

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    Hey @7ish,

    Thanks for contacting our support. Our plugin does not deal with any templates, it simply deals with pages. posts and post types, when you click on duplicate then it simply duplicates or clones whole page or posts and its elements as like meta fields, categories, and tags etc.

    Thanks again,

    This topic needs to be revisited.

    An Elementor template is a custom post type that happens to be labelled ‘template’, and they are all stored in the database just like other post types (page or post). It has nothing to do with ‘template’ in the classic sense, ie actual theme files.

    When you view Elementor’s template listing (via “Elementor/My Templates”), you get a post listing with all the standard WP controls, including the duplicate link generated by this plugin. You can edit these posts in the regular WP form, but you won’t be able to do much. The intention is you go into the Elementor editor to do everything.

    There’s a column called ‘type’ and your posts could be Header, Footer, Section, Global Widget, etc. I assume this is Elementor’s own internal type for their custom post type. In any case, you won’t see Elementor’s custom post type in the main WP sidebar, among your other custom post types.

    Last time I checked this plugins’ duplicate functionality only partially works for Elementor templates; it is indeed possible. Just some double-checking is needed to see if the content copies over correctly. Perhaps a special database call needs to be made to grab page-builder content that exists outside the normal WP post scope.

    Elementor has a huge following, and I haven’t seen any duplicate functionality for Elementor templates anywhere, so this plugin could be the first.

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    +1 on revisiting this topic!

    I want to emphasize that we are talking about custom post types that Elementor uses for storing templates. This is post type elementor_library, and it’s basically just like how ContactForm7 or even a basic WP menu stores data– the post type is not really used for public display as a normal Page or Post might, but rather to store some settings for Elementor. Nonetheless, it is a custom post type, and I think it should be treated like any custom post type that this plugin supports.

    I have noticed that when I duplicate an Elementor template, if it’s a “section” type of template, it turns into a “page” type of template. Fortunately, it does seem to show up in the right place for Elementor– I can see it in the “Template” panel, but it is a “page” rather than a “section”. This is the meta_key called “_elementor_template_type”

    Here is an example of the post_meta for one Elementor template content type

    _elementor_version 	0.4
    _elementor_css 	{packed data}
    _elementor_data 	{packed data}
    _elementor_edit_mode 	builder
    _elementor_template_type 	section
    _elementor_template_type 	section

    Note that there are TWO of the _elementor_template_type when using the Duplicate Page plugin. If you create a normal template you only get one.

    So I think something is going on when duplicating the Elementor template where the code is not duplicating all of the post_meta data.

    I’m also looking for a way to duplicate Elementor templates.

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