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    I haven’t been using this plugin for a long time, but I like it so far and decided to make it even better rather than looking for an alternative (as I almost always do).

    The problem is that the teasers (in my case, 150×150 in size) have alt and title attributes, which are not taken directly from the original image, but duplicated from the title of the corresponding article.

    I pay attention to SEO and I want everything to be perfect, so in manual mode I write all the alts, (the title does not interest me) and when this text is duplicated on the page, it is not only incorrect from the point of view of the plugin, but also incorrect from the point of view SEO. I don’t need a duplicate of the article title, I want the alt text to be what I wrote in that box before that image.

    I did not find this setting, so I am writing here in the hope that you will either fix this flaw, or simply remove the attributes from the images. Because I will tell you this (as an optimizer with experience) – they are absolutely unnecessary in this block. That is, if they are not there, so be it, but …
    if they ARE and they duplicate my title, this is already a problem, a real problem, and the search engine may be dissatisfied with such matters, perceiving it as an attempt to add extra mentions of the keyword (namely, those are present in the title most often).

    In order to make it more clear, I provide a piece of code from my site. I replaced the link names, but told exactly where the alt and title are duplicated, where exactly they get those tags from:

    <h3>Related Posts:</h3>
     <a href="https://my-site/articles/my-article-url.html" class="crp_link post-6">
     <img loading="lazy" width="150" height="150" src="https://my-site/wp-content/uploads/2022/12/img-150x150.jpg" 
     class="crp_thumb crp_featured" 
     <span class="crp_title">My-article-title</span></a>

    Request: make the image tags be taken as they should be – from the original photo, or make it possible to turn on/off this option so that the tags are either filled in automatically or written as I said above.

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Viewing 8 replies - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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