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    Hi Jeff,

    Your HMS Testimonial Rotation Plugin is fantastic and it seems from the raves reviews and comments I keep seeing that your support is first class too. All for a free plugin…..Kudos.

    I am very new to everything internet/Wordpress/plugins/website building etc but have taken the plunge and started building my very first website to support my ‘bricks and mortar’ business.

    Being such a newbie I have a few questions that will undoubtedly be a simple fix to most but are a mountain for me at this time in my learning curve.

    I have been collecting hand written testimonials from clients. I have now begun the process of inputting these testimonials by hand through your plugin with the obvious intent on getting future clients to simply do it themselves direct through my website as they occur.

    I have placed your plugin through a footer widget and now have my first 35 testimonials happily rotating every 6 seconds. I understand that you are also in the process of allowing us to stop this by hovering, which will also be a cool feature.

    However, and probably due to my ignorance and lack of knowledge, I also intend on having a ‘Testimonials Page’ from my top nav menu and was wondering if there was a process I should be following that automatically duplicates all added testimonials into an additional page format?

    My reason for wanting this is to allow me to add photo’s of each of my clients alongside their written testimonials and it seems a long winded way and ‘double bubbling’ to have to create another page when it could be done automatically.

    Please forgive my ignorance if this is already a feature. But I would appreciate your guidance on how this can be done or should be done.

    I also have a problem with the settings/format for the date. I am using UK dates (d/m/y) but the settings wont permit this despite changing it in settings. Do I need to use HTML/CSS or am I missing something more obvious?



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  • Plugin Author Jeff K


    Hey Jonah,

    Welcome to the wonderful world of website building.

    You most definitely do NOT have to enter in your testimonials again.

    WordPress has these things called shortcodes. By adding something like [my_shortcode_here] to your page or post a plugin developer can inject a bunch of things into your page. My plugin offers 2 of these shortcodes for what you are trying to accomplish:

    a. [hms_testimonials] – This will insert the testimonials on your page without rotation.
    b. [hms_testimonials_rotating] – Same as the widget you are using but used on a page or post.

    Copy and paste one of them into your page with the brackets to see how it works.

    In your WordPress dashboard can you go to “Testimonials -> Settings” and tell me what is entered on setting # 6. I believe you might be required to enter it in the US format but it will display in the format you set. This is because it transforms it to a date object in PHP and the database. 07/02/2014 is translated to 2014-07-02 into the database so that I can format it however #6 is set. If you enter 02/07/2014 that is still a valid date in the U.S. standard so it would be translated to 2014-02-07 which would be incorrect. Hopefully in the future I can change this to be more accommodating.

    Pause on hover will be in the next update probably happening this weekend.

    I hope this helps!

    Hi Jeff,

    You are quick, thanks again. Yep it helps.

    Re the “a. [hms_testimonials] – This will insert the testimonials on your page without rotation.
    b. [hms_testimonials_rotating] – Same as the widget you are using but used on a page or post”……..I will get onto that. thanks

    Re the date format:- I have sorted this but to explain in a little more detail where my confusion was.

    Dashboard > Testimonials > Settings > 6. Date Format > I changed this to d/m/y > Save

    Add New > I then Input client name/written testimonial etc >

    Then, for example, I wanted to input the date required as being 29th January 2014 = 29/01/2014 UK.

    However, when I use the *pop up calendar to do that it fills the box below with 01/29/2014 USA format*

    Yet the correct date format does show (d/m/y) on the actual testimonial.

    It is the *area* above with the calendar box that caused me the confusion.

    Although it is clear to me now, I suppose what I was asking was for you to simplify that area so that as soon as the format is changed at ‘6. Date Format’, then the calendar is automatically reconfigured too.

    Cheers Jeff. Give me a diesel engine and hydraulics and I’m your man but give me anything to do with websites and code etc then I’m a fish outa water………….but learning every day.

    Thanks again.


    Plugin Author Jeff K


    Yep I understand, I will work on getting the dates to be more friendly to those not in the U.S. I can’t promise a date but I am looking into it.

    Keep on learning!

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