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    I’ve been using Pro to design my squeeze page. I like it! It really has been fun. How can I make a copy or clone of the page that I’m working on so that I have an original to go back to when I make a mistake on the working copy? I’ve tried using the Clone Post or Page plug-in but the new title doesn’t appear available when I select edit page in WP Plus, only the original published page appears. Also, I entered some javascript to import a webform from my autoresponder. It worked fine and now appears. Now I want to remove it. That webform is no longer applicable and I just want my squeeze page design email entry box to forward the email to my autoresponder. How can I remove the mistakenly entered javascript? Do I have to cut it from the html code?

    Thanks and keep up the good work!




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  • Think I just forgot to Publish on the Pages tab of WordPress after cloning with the new Clone Post or Page plug-in. Now after doing that I can see the listing for the clone/duplicate in the All Pages list and in WP Lead Plus, [Edit This] listing. Selecting the cloned page gives me a good test page to work on with WP Lead Plus.

    Now if only I can get that webform mistake deleted from the sqeeze page design . . .


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    Hi Nick,

    Thanks for using the plugin.

    Have you tried this plugin to duplicate post?


    I found it’s very good and useful.

    About the autoresponder code, you should use the HTML code only, not javascript.

    If you use HTML code, you can go back and change the code any time you want.

    Best regards,


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