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    Hi everybody. I have a site which is basically a catalog of books which has also many pages. I have it in english but i NEED to create a second directory with another website just like this one but in spanish. I trying to copy everything from the FTP and put it into the new folder but apparently it doesn’t help.
    I need to transfer everything and then translate the website which is not a big deal but how can i transfer the wordpress site with all the same settings and files and everything so that my only job is translate the pages?

    Please help! I have been days trying to figure this out but i can’t find the way to have a second website just like mine but in a different directory.

    Thanks for your help in advance!

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  • You might try just using a plugin for translations. There’s several out there, and it won’t require a clone of the site.

    Thanks for your quick reply! But my problem is not the translation, but how to transfer my site to the other directory with all the settings and everything.


    Why? Is there another reason besides translation? Because if you’re doing it *solely* to have a “translated copy” of the site, you don’t need to do that. You just need a plugin for translations, and you can do it from within the site you’ve already got.

    Thanks Doodlebee. the other reason why i want to do this is because i have built a catalog with a plugin called CATABLOG and the coding for the spanish page must be different on this plugin. This is why i need another Directory….
    In addition, i must find the way to know how to accomplish this because im building the english site on a folder inside my FTP called WORDPRESSFILES with the purpose if not affecting the actual running site and i will need to copy all the content from this folder to the main Directory once it’s done.

    I have been days trying to figure this out but i can’t find the way to transfer the whole site with it’s settings, themes, pages, etc to another location 🙁

    So you need a *development* version of the site so you can work on things without it affecting the live site. Is that correct? You don’t need both sites to be LIVE, you just want one where you can work on things until they get how you want them to be, and then copy these changes over to the live site? (Because managing two sites that are exactly the same will be a nightmare, not to mention bad for SEO)

    If that’s the case, WordPress’ content isn’t maintained within the FILE SYSTEM. It’s in the databse. The files are not for the pages and themes, plugins, etc. but all actual content is in the databse. You can’t just copy the WordPress files to someplace else and expect it to work. You also have to make a copy of the database.

    There’s several ways to do it, and the codex can walk you through some of it. But I use BackupBuddy myself. It makes it a lot easier/faster. It’s not free, though, but if you’re a developer and do this often, it’s well worth the cost.

    Thanks for the suggestion Doodlebee, i just took a look at BACKUPBUDDY and it looks great! But can’t afford it right now sadly! I got a question. If i just install a plugin that translates the whole site, is it going to give me the option to edit the spanish page and the english pages separately or i can’t control what displays in the spanish version?
    Im asking this because if i can make changes in the spanish pages then i’m done. (????????)

    It depends on what plugin you use. Most of the ones I’ve seen provide a “custom field” under e write post area, where you just translate the content. When you publish, and someone chooses to view the site in another language, it’ll pull the content from the custom field instead of from the regular “write post” area. You can just move through the site one post/page at a time and translate on the fly.

    I’ve never used any myself,so I can’t recommend any, but I know there’s several out there that do it. Alternatively, you can “roll your own” and just use custom field and edit the theme to pull stuff in yourself. (But if you’re not good with code, maybe not…. But you may have just given me an idea for a plugin LOL)

    LOL thanks, i’ll try to find some plugin that does that and ill let you know. Thanks again for your help! God bless you!

    Take a look at Duplicator. I’ve used this a couple of times to copy or move a site to a new server or domain.

    Thanks ohceeya for your reply. My question is: do i need to create a new database in my CPanel or can use the same database as the english site?

    You would need to create a new database for the new site.

    Ok thank you very much ohceeya! I’ll give it a try! 🙂

    I have a last question for you ohceeya… Can i do a duplicate, install it and then two months later once my english page is more actualized do another duplicate and just import it in the spanish site just like that?

    What i mean is: do i have to wait until i have the whole english site ready to duplicate it or can i duplicate as I am working on the site as weeks pass by?

    Do i have to do the database process again in the second DUPLICATE or is it just for the first time and the second time would be just a matter of exporting and importing the duplicate?

    That plugin basically makes a clone of your site. So every time you install it on another domain, you would need to create a new database.

    ok thanks, then i guess i’ll have to wait until my english site is done to do the duplicate. Thanks guys!

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