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    I very like this plugin, because its better version of qTranslate plugin, but its very unstable for me.

    At this moment I’m testing 2.9.4 and 2.9.6, both versions does not work as they should.

    * Cant get to work “Hide Content which is not available for the selected language.” it just doesn’t work (deleted everything and posted again with different methods). I have installed 3 languages and on every language it duplicates default language.

    * Title and content duplicates in all languages
    * Custom types doesn’t show me anything on front end or show only some of posts (using new WP_Query( array( ‘post_type’ => ‘example’ ))
    * Cant get to work “Hide Content which is not available for the selected language.” it just doesn’t work.

    At this moment I’m creating important project, what I need to finish soon with this plugin and I don’t know, what to do?

    I’m using WordPress 4.1 with AFC plugin

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  • When that duplicate issue will be solved?

    Moment ago I tested 2.9.6 on clean WordPress 4.1 installation and there was duplicate problem (I wrote text in first language and after save, all languages have that text). Last working version for me is 2.9.4

    Plugin Author John Clause


    We will look at it. Yes it is very unstable, birth and growth pain, because we are trying to clean the old bugs from the former outdated qTranslate and code keeps changing significantly. I hope it will stabilize in a couple of weeks. Sorry about the trouble. Your feedback is very important.

    Plugin Author John Clause


    What is AFC plugin? Could you give the link?

    BTW, did “Hide Content which is not available for the selected language.” work in old qTranslate? I do not know if anything has been changed in that piece of of code yet.

    Can I use mqTranslate at this moment and when qTranslate X is stable migrate back? Will there be problems with data migration?

    Plugin Author John Clause


    No, there should not be a problem, there is export/import from to mqtranslate. Besides, we have been talking with mq about the merge later on, when we are sure all features are the same. Does mq work for you satisfactory? We need to troubleshoot this one anyway, pls give me link to AFC. Thanks.

    Looks like I misspelled letters, I mean “Advanced Custom Fields” plugin. I don’t remember, then I need to check out some of my old projects, but it think that it should.

    mq plugin is just for backup, because this plugin has all features what I need (custom fields and nice layout in posts).

    Anyway I hope that issues soon will be fixed, because I want stay with this plugin.

    BTW, at my WordPress installation using new WP_Query() there is no results for my custom post type (in index.php to be specific), but when using get_posts() everything works. Why can it be?

    Plugin Author John Clause


    Hi @pear1: are you saying that you already solved the problem? I have not even started it yet 😉 Would you mind submitting then pull request on GitHub: or simply tell me what needs to be changed. Does mq do this part differently?

    For a moment I thought that issue were solved, but after more testing I saw that again so no. While this qtranslate bug will be fixed, I made quick fix for me what definitely isn’t best solution, but at least I know that it will work (function to use for title checking).

    function qtranslate_custom_hide_not_available_content( $title ) {
    	if( substr( substr( $title, 0, 11) == '(Latviešu)' || substr( $title, 0, 9) == '(English)' ) {
    		// return $title;
    	} else {
    		return $title;

    At this moment my only problem is duplicated title and content fields, when leaving other languages blank so I need to use 2.9.4 version, where this issue is not appeared. Hope you will soon manage to make fix.

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