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  1. IowanX
    Posted 3 years ago #

    I run a small nonprofit and have been trying unsuccessfully to install Multisite on my website, http://www.clarendon.org. I have gotten close several times... I can see the network, I can add sites, I can log into the sites, sometimes. I am now in a situation where I have sort of a login loop, where I can't seem to get to the Super Admin page on my most recent install. Frankly I'm getting tired of doing it wrong.

    The current multisite intstallation was working earlier today--my wife saw it when she got home on her computer and it looked right, but it is broken again, because I cannot drive it. I can log into my regular site, but when I want to see the network admin, it asks for a login, and whatever I put in doesn't work. I keep getting the login window. I have seen this login loop of fail before, in some of my earlier tests, but I don't know why it happens or what I am doing wrong.

    I have actually installed and uninstalled this darn multisite thing probably a dozen times, either on my regular site or my test sites. I use the WordPress for Dummies book. I am on Bluehost, which has c-panel, so I am able to delete the files and try to start over. But it never works entirely properly.

    I appreciate the work people do in the Codex, but when it says you should delete the http://www.part of Clarendon.org, it never says where you go to delete it. etc. etc. I'm close, but I'm doing something wrong. When I had it working earlier today, you could go on a second computer and see the darn secondary site I created--but the static front page could't be found.

    A final thing...some of the documentation suggests that there is supposed to be some kind of recognition for the Multisite Super Administrator on the top-right of the dashboard, and I have never seen that in any of the installations I've tried.

    I need to make this work ASAP because our program is pretty broad--I need a separate theme for our Farmers Market, our Flea Market, the various events we do, etc.

    But I simply cannot figure out how to turn this feature on and make it run right. I will share whatever information anybody wants who can help me make this darn thing work.

  2. You would delete the WWW part before you turn on Multisite.

    Install WordPress singlesite and make your URLs (home and site) as http://domain.com

    Make sure pretty permalinks work. Then turn on Multisite and make sure you update the htaccess and wp-config.

    There are other WP books out there about multisite if you need more help of that nature.

  3. IowanX
    Posted 3 years ago #

    Thanks, I will try this tomorrow to see how it works. The instructions actually don't say where you delete it, but I assume it's on the Settings page of the main site in the root directory. I do appreciate the helpful comment, and I will reply back to try to close this thread.

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