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    thank you for nice mod/plugin. But I have some isssues with it.
    First (most important) is that the user after first login to wordpress has to fill (change) his password otherwise he wouldn´t be able to login with that password after logout.
    Another issue – sometimes, there are created duplicated useres at phpbb with “1” at end.
    Any tips how to solve this?
    Thank you so much!

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  • Plugin Author jhong



    Thanks for trying, sorry you had problems.

    The password issue shouldn’t be happening. How are these users registering? Is it through the normal wordpress registration page, or a plugin?

    After registering but before logging in, are you able to confirm if that user exists in the phpBB database? If so, is the password hash comparable with the WordPress one? If you don’t know how to check this, then never mind…

    For the second issue, you probably have “automatically create users in phpBB” turned on. That’s fine and will work, but before you turn it on, you have to map together users that already exist in both phpBB and WordPress. For example, if user “Jhong” already exists in phpBB, but isn’t mapped to the WordPress user account “Jhong”, then when that user logs in, they will be given an auto-created account in phpBB. Since “Jhong” already exists, that new user will be “Jhong1”. (All of this is transparent to the end user — they just see they are logged in).

    To solve the problem, temporarily turn off the phpBB auto-create option and visit the user mapper. Clean up any incorrect mappings, deleting the appropriate duplicated users. Then map together any users that exist in both phpBB & WordPress. When done, and everything looks tidy, you can re-enable the auto-create option.

    Let me know if you have any other problems. There are a few bugs in v0.9.1.6 that are fixed in the currently nightly packages at

    Thanks for quick reply.
    Duplicated useres don’t exists in phpbb database – they appear as actually logged into phpbb, when they are on wordpress.
    I’ve created simple wizard that navigates users to register into the phpbb, activate account through e-mail, login to wordpress and enter passwords twice(at wp-admin/profile.php) – it works as password change. I’ve heavily modified that php file, so there are only password fields with different labels. After all, I think that issues (at least the first one) aren’t important.

    But i still have problem with cross-site login. It doesn’t work at all. I must notice that the phpbb board is heavily modified with mods and my own hacks, but I don’t think this is problem. phpBB and WordPress are running at different domains.

    I’ll try nightly and write results here, when I am done(probably after the weekend).

    PS: I am planning to launch another wordpress site, that should be integrated with phpbb, I think there will not be any problem with it, am I correct?


    Plugin Author jhong


    I’m not sure I understand the first part — none of that should be necessary. Users with “1” suffixes are only created if the “validate_username” function in phpBB returns that the user already exists. Please do double-check that they’re not in the database. Heavy mods could be causing the issues.

    Users can register in either WP or phpBB and will get integrated accounts. It may be easier to just get them to register in phpBB and then they will receive a WP account the first time they visit WP, if your integration permissions allow them to do so.

    For the lack of cross-site login: It will not be able to work across two domains. Subdomains are fine, but a valid phpBB cookie is needed in order to log in. These cookies can only apply to a single domain at a time. The nightly release does fix a lot of login issues if you are also using template integration, but it won’t solve this limitation currently.

    Yeah, i’ve forgot case-sensitivity. Duplicated useres really exists in phpbb database, but they’re lower case. THe phpBB user will always exists, wordpress registrations are not allowed. Is there any chance, that i won’t need duplicated useres?
    I’m not using template integration right now, i’ll try it at beta domain after the weekend.
    I believe there is some way how to handle cross-site login. It can be great improvement for future release of wp-united, do you think so?

    Plugin Author jhong


    Yeah. Usernames are always case insensitive.

    The cross-domain limitation isn’t really a limitation with wp-united, it’s a basic browser security requirement. Site A can’t set cookies for site B. Subdomains are ok. The only way around it is redirect chains, JavaScript calls, or embedded pixels or iFrames. All these are potentially insecure so would be a long time in the making.

    So, I have two possibilities:
    a) do it as google (redirect to subdomain)
    b) leave it without cross-site login

    I´ll probably choice b (i have nice domain seo now). Thanks for your time. I think I can close this “issue”.

    Plugin Author jhong


    You could do an oAuth solution on both sides, but it’s a bit of a waste of resources: Calling out to a third party for authentication when your two sites are sitting right next to each other on the same server.

    I normally use multiple domains for sites but redirect them all to a master domain in order to help prevent search engines from seeing duplicate content.

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