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  • Hey! I have the same problem, did you find a solution?

    Can you elaborate what you mean with every product is duplicated?

    Have you created first the product in the primary language and then created a translation?
    When you browse the shop on the secondary language, the translation is displayed twice, is that what you mean?

    Currently I have English (Primary) and Spanish languages.
    With primary language everything is cool.
    But! I clone original item and make it in Spanish, referencing to original one. After that, looking in backend everything seems perfectly fine. But in frontend I get this:

    In backend list there is only one red car in Spanish, but on frontend list they somehow duplicate..
    I’m sure one of them is not in English, because English has different description

    What is the content of the Page with the slug ‘seleccion’?

    And instead of clone the english product and then set the language to Spanish, have you tried clicking on the plus signalö in the Polylang metabox to create directly the translation?

    The content is basically this:
    The above part is just a page visual frame, Woo Products is what fetches the list

    As you suggested I’ve added a new product from scratch pressing “plus”, but as you can see the problem is still there 🙁

    Also, it is weird how the duplication is spread on the page, all products are like mirrored, really odd

    Damn.. It’s so stupid.. Reading my own post I realized what the problem was, actually that red part on the screenshoot is also fetching items, so they both were rendering products on the same page.
    I kinda wasted your time with this nonsense 🙁

    No worries! The important is that you found the issue. I’m marking to resolve this thread as resolved.

Viewing 7 replies - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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