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    Not just this plug in. Has anyone ever updated a plug in from one version to another and ended up with TWO entries for the plug in? I have this with VCITA and with another, different plug in that does something else.

    The plug ins clearly show as two entries in the installed plug ins admin area, they show as the current versions and the previous versions. I can activate either or both!

    This is really odd behaviour. If I delete one of the plug ins listed (Usually oldest one) then BOTH are removed.

    I have checked in FTP and can ONLY see ONE entry in plug ins folder for the duplicate ones I have.

    Any suggestions as to why I am getting two copies and how I can get rid of the extra ones.
    This has happened to me several times as mentioned not just this plug in.

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    Hi there,

    Thank you for letting us know about this.
    It seems to be more related to WP as we are sometimes seeing the same behavior but when we test it we find this is only an eyesore and the plugin works fine.
    If the plugin does not work please let us know so we may check further.

    Kind regards,

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    Thanks for the reply, I am actually in direct correspondence with VCITA. You don’t seem to have an answer for the duplicate module entries, so I decided to post here in case anyone else had seen this behaviour and had a fix.

    I am aware that it is NOT just VCITA that his can happen to, I’ve seen it with other plug ins. I just wondered if anyone out there could help.
    Thanks. McP.

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