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  • Steve


    Hi Folks

    I’m fairly new, but for the past few weeks all was fine. Now it isn’t. I’m far away from home trying to blog but I have a problem that started yesterday with my images.

    My Media Library has started to fill up with multiple versions of the same image – and there are 100s of them that are all the same. I’ve tried deleting them, and in some cases that’s worked, but some seem to return on their own.

    I tend to blog daily about my travels and I would really like to get this fixed ASAP – as I’ve said, it only began yesterday. I have not added any new plugins (which I’ve read can sometimes cause this) That’s all I know. Even mass deleting the images is taking an age to do and it’s all very frustrating. My newness with is probably not helping. Is there anyway to troubleshot this?

    Thanks, Steve

    The page I need help with: [log in to see the link]

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  • If you didn’t install any new plugins, did you make any changes at all yesterday before the issues you are having? Aside from you not making any changes, the only thing I could think of happening would be something that your hosting provider changed on their side. As to why that would start duplicating images on your site I can’t say for sure.

    The images are exact duplicates? Not just different sizes/resolutions as there are plugins that can generate multiple different sized images for you to use across a theme.

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    No, there exact dupes, same file size but just with a slightly longer file name ‘-1’ appended, ie
    Launceston-1-1-1-1-1-1-1.jpg… sometimes ‘-2’

    Any further thoughts? Thanks


    Hmm that is quite odd, never had that happen personally and haven’t had much luck with searching finding others with a similar issue. Not sure if anybody else will chime in, but I would contact your hosting provider’s support team to have them investigate further.

    Something had to change somewhere in the setup that is causing the images to generate. If you go into the Media Library and view an image so that the Attachment Details window pops up, then click on Edit more details on the right hand side does it list the duplicates all being created at the same time as well or does that change?

    My current guess that may be creating the images would be a cron job since that runs every X minutes/hours/days.

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    Hi Jarret

    It’s bizarre, the majority of them have the same dates ramp although I did notice *some” are in a folder called ‘____trashed’

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    Hi again Jarret

    Looks like I *may* have partially solved it. The workaround might be a coincidence, but for interest, here is what I found…

    I realised that my main laptop was still on *UK time* (where I was doing most of my postings). This seems un-related, I know, but when I set the time to the same as my phone – the local time here in Oz – and then went back to the laptop and uploaded a single photo, I only get a *few* dupes (not the 100s I had been seeing) but still with a weird filename structure though like:-
    DSC12345-1-1-1-1-1-1-.jpg and then DSC12345-1-1-1-1-1-1-1.jpg (note the extra ‘-1’) – some are even longer with even more ‘-1’ added to the filename.

    I’ve noticed that these are ‘unused’ by using the filter option in the Media Library, so I guess I could delete them? Still not sure WHY I’m getting the dupes

    Maybe it’s all a coincidence, but it all seems workable at the moment.

    All the best


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    Spoke too soon! After uploading a si gle photo today there’s now over 60 variants of the same file (just with ‘-1-1-1-1…-1 appended to the filename.



    I just came out to the support forums to search for/report the same. This exact thing just started happening to me today. Files uploaded to media gallery are duplicating over and over and over – all appended with -1 after them. All same size. I delete them – they keep coming back……………..

    Hi guys, I have the same issue. Did you guys figure it out? My media library is full of duplicated images all appended with -1 after them.

    I really appreciate any help!

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    In my situation, they just stopped duplicating -I didn’t do anything at my end so it looks like it kinda fixed itself. Very weird. Each day now I check when I add an image, and so far no dupes!

    Hi! I’m having the same issue on old photos. New photos from new post are not duplicating. Did anyone found a solution for this?

    Same here! And no solution so far.



    I’m just starting with WordPress but I’ve noticed that when I upload any image, WordPress generates multiple copies of that image – each at different dimensions. For example: I upload a 1024×683 jpg file, WordPress creates another at:
    150×150; 300×200; 576×324; 768×432; 768×512; and finally, 1024×641.

    An article I read at says that WordPress automatically generates a thumbnail, medium, and large version. This article is somewhat dated (March 2014) but you get the picture – WordPress does things behind the scenes that sometimes make you say…wait, what? Furthermore, cropping an image with the WordPress crop utility generates a whole new set of files for each image handled in that manner.

    As you see above, I get 6 versions of each image file, not just the three suggested by the WPBeginner article. So what gives? I use a slider plugin, and such plugins generate more sizes of the files for their own use. In the era of themes with a high level of adaptability to different sizes of screen footprint (feetprint?), maybe these extensive sets of image sizes are the speediest way to load your site into a visitor’s browser.

    Just looking for answers myself. Hope this makes sense

    Hi – I’m experiencing the same issue as Steve for the last two weeks.

    It happens 3 or 4 times a day. The duplicated images were originally uploaded 3 months ago. I’ve disabled as many plugins as I can without disrupting the front-end experience. I went through all of the cron jobs using WP Crontrol and nothing seems out of the ordinary.

    This is an odd problem. I’ve never seen anything like this in my 12+ years of WP development. The site has been fine for 7 years. It’s running on Hostgator, so I’ll probably take it up with them.

    Any insight from other experiences would be extremely appreciated.

    Heya, happening to me too as of yesterday.
    Many images have duplicates (name, size, everything) in Media Library. Not sure what happened in between but something’s not right. Looking forward to further info about it

    Just bumping this up again as I am also having the same issue. It seems like there are certain images that just re-upload over and over and over (dates change and they are “unattached” so I know it’s not just different versions of the original upload). It’s hard to tell if it’s a plugin that’s causing this or some other issued. Any ideas?

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