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  • Not sure why but I see several users with duplicate entries in the “all users” table. I try to delete them and they seem to come back. Perhaps I’m not understanding how multisite works or is there some other problem? I don’t think they should be there and I see several different ids for the same email/username accounts.

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  • bots who keep coming back to register…

    I don’t think so – registering with the same email address? I thought that this is not possible. They have the same duplicate user information.

    OK – I’ve just discovered something very odd. My wordpress install begins with wp_1_options. There is no wp_options at all. There is a wp_site but it’s empty. I’m wondering whether this means I have a damaged WP install and somehow have been lucky so far. When I look at my other site, I have at least a wp_options.

    Question – for my root install, should I rename wp_1_options to wp_options and move all of those to wp_tablename in order to restore order?

    Sorry, but registrations are not made from air…they are human or bots…as a bot will spam you with differing ip addreses (most humans do not exibit this behavior of denying what is real), it’s bots…block them…

    I’m wondering whether a plugin or something else is replicating them. I have a network plugin installed (multisite user management) What is strange is that only a handful of users are replicated. There is no way that the 7 deletions I made that suddenly reappeared 1 minute later were done by bots. This happened to some of the users, not all.

    What is worrying me is also that I discovered that I don’t have any complete wp_install group. It looks like my first database begins wp_1_tablename. It doesn’t look like this set is connected with any blog I use. The wp_site table is completely empty. I don’t even know what wp_blogs is. I was running this from a wp 2.x – very early. Wondering if the upgrade may have caused some problems along the way that might also explain the user replication and login/cookie problems. It would seem that every blog has a wp_tablename table – unless you can delete the initial blog and create a new one without penalty… Below is the only set of tables I have for the initial set that most seem to have — unless I converted this from a single site to mutlisite, which I probably did. This site does have users and a registration log as very recent. Not sure how to handle this.


    gosh u type fast

    LOL… comes with having been in front of the screen for a long time. Thanks very much for trying to help. 🙂


Viewing 8 replies - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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