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  • Hi there,

    love your plugin! It makes life so much simpler. Thank you!

    (already checked the entire support forum)

    We have configured to track enhanced ecommerce data inside GA and also remarketing in Adwords. But for some reason inside GA about 10% of all transactions are counted multiple times. So the transaction ID is there once, but the amount and quantities are x2 or x3 (so somehow multiple transactions for the same ID).

    Option in the plugin “Do not flag orders as being tracked” is disabled (I saw some users with the duplicate transaction error had this enabled).

    I then checked and saw that the event “gtm4wp.orderCompletedEEC” only fires on the first page view of the checkout page. Page reload does not trigger this again (so this seems to be correct behaviour) – is this event responsible for pushing the data into GA?

    Have a look at a thank you page:

    You can also feel free to create a test purchase (you will need to use the payment type “boleto” and add a “CPF” into the address, just add: 706.162.814-81 ; For “CEP” feel free to add “01257-010”

    But I can also create a user with saved data if you’d like.

    I appreciate your help.

    Kindest Regards

    The page I need help with: [log in to see the link]

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  • Plugin Author duracelltomi


    Hi Sebastian,

    I checked your thankyou page and it does not include any transaction tracking.
    This could mean that the duplicate tracking prevention works as expected.

    I was not able to place a test purchase, it said: “CPF é inválido.”
    What value should I change?

    Hi! Thank you so much for testing and your answer and sorry for the issues you had. I created a test user with a saved address for you, this will make it more simple 🙂

    pw: 123123123

    You can just login here (left side):

    And then proceed to the shop (e.g. this product):

    In the checkout, the address will be saved and if you select “boleto” (as payment) you should be able to place an order without issues.

    Thanks again, I cannot say how much I appreciate your help on this!

    Kindest Regards

    Quick update: We also use Criteo remarketing. Criteo uses data layers from your plugin (so transactions also just fire once), but we added this datalayer into the thank you page with custom code:


    So then in source it would show e.g. like this (also on page refreshes):


    Could that somehow resend enhanced ecommerce data to GA and cause the amounts to be inaccurate?

    Thanks a lot

    Very strange. Placing dummy orders 9 out of 10 work fine – but then in one of them this happens:

    Completed order showing multiple times (on the first page load of the thank you page). Any idea why this happens?

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    Plugin Author duracelltomi


    Hi Sebastian,

    This is a public forum where you password can be seen by everyone.
    I would advise to remove your previous comment.

    In the meantime I will place a test order.

    Plugin Author duracelltomi


    I placed a test order and I can see enhanced ecommerce data in the data layer:

    ecommerce: {
    		currencyCode: "BRL",
    		purchase: {
    			actionField: {
    				id: "75980",
    				affiliation: "",
    				revenue: "38.74",
    				tax: "0",
    				shipping: "8.84",
    				coupon: ""
    			products: [
    					id: "20170039",
    					name: "FamiFerti - Vitamina para Engravidar",
    					sku: "20170039",
    					category: "Vitaminas para Engravidar",
    					price: 29.9,
    					currency: "BRL",
    					stocklevel: 310,
    					quantity: 1,
    					variant: "60-capsulas-1-mes"

    This was added to your GA transaction tag:

    	v: "1",
    	_v: "j73",
    	a: "1564875713",
    	t: "pageview",
    	cu: "BRL",
    	_s: "1",
    	dl: "",
    	ul: "en-us",
    	de: "UTF-8",
    	dt: "Finalização de Compra |",
    	sd: "24-bit",
    	sr: "1536x864",
    	vp: "1794x443",
    	je: "0",
    	_u: "SCCAgAALAAAG~",
    	jid: "1146700948",
    	gjid: "485964568",
    	cid: "xxxxxxxxxxxxx.xxxxxxxxxxxx",
    	tid: "UA-3612xxxx-x",
    	_gid: "xxxxxxxxxxxxx.xxxxxxxxxxxx",
    	gtm: "xxxxxxx",
    	cd1: "26 de fevereiro  2015",
    	cd3: "Mir Hasanuzzaman",
    	ti: "75980",
    	ta: "",
    	tr: "38.74",
    	tt: "0",
    	ts: "8.84",
    	tcc: "",
    	pa: "purchase",
    	pr1id: "20170039",
    	pr1nm: "FamiFerti - Vitamina para Engravidar",
    	pr1ca: "Vitaminas para Engravidar",
    	pr1pr: "29.9",
    	pr1qt: "1",
    	pr1va: "60-capsulas-1-mes",
    	z: "2051581063",
    	statusCode: 200

    When I reload the page, transaction data is not present as expected.

    Can you check order #75980 this in your GA reports? You should recheck the numbers after a couple of days as well.

    Your ProductTransactionProducts data is not recognized by enhanced ecommerce, you should be safe with that code. – this gives me an access denied message.


    thanks a lot for your answer and sorry for my late reply. This is just a dummy user I created, so not really an issue if others can see the password (but thanks for your attention 🙂

    So from your side on that test purchase all worked as expected, right? It is just weird – 90% of the orders work fine (just as yours) but then in about 5-10% we get the issue that quantities are doubled. So somehow the behaviour in not consistent. Any idea at all what my developer can test/change?

    Thank you so much

    This is exactly what’s happening with me too – pretty much across all the sites I’ve made…

    Multiple transactions against single order IDs.

    Plugin Author duracelltomi


    Hi Everyone,

    I totally understand your concerns. I’ve got similar reports in other support posts but when I was testing the order process, I was always able to see the correct behavior. Of course this does not mean that there can not be cases when this is missing but until now I was not able to reproduce an exact case where this is happening 🙁

    Hi duracelltomi,

    thanks for your answer.

    What if I have my developer prevent the order confirmation page from re-loading? So basically forcing a redirect to the homepage or so? Not ideal for the user, but will probably solve the issue, right?


    Plugin Author duracelltomi


    In another thread I’ve got an idea of a possible cause and a solution:

    Thanks for getting back to us – the majority of dupe orders I’m seeing are mobile users, the odd one is desktop though. Obviously, this is GA data which can be a little off sometimes.

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