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  • gamenzie


    In Google Search Console there is a page entitled HTML improvements which list — amongst other things — duplicate title tags. Apparently Google doesn’t like those. 🙂

    A good number of those listed for my site appear to be recurring events in EO.

    For example:


    I can remove events from the sitemap, but would prefer not to. I’d also prefer not to ‘group’ recurring events.

    I’ve already excluded categories, venues and tags from the sitemap.

    Any thoughts on how I can persuade Google that these are not in reality duplicate content simply because it’s a recurring event?


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  • Plugin Author Stephen Harris


    Hi gamenzie,

    Event Organiser only generates one page for a recurring event. It looks like you may have ‘broken’ each occurrence out of the series (but I suspect that not doing this is what you meant by not grouping recurring events).

    Unfortunately, if you do break occurrences out of the series they are technically distinct events, so it’s not immediately possible to know that title-of-event-4 is related to title-of-event. There are filters you use to store that link, say in as a custom field of title-of-event-4. This then leads to your question about how to tell Google they are related, or at least to ignore title-of-event-4.

    You can do that by using noindex. So in short, you’ll want to store a flag against broken occurrences indicating that they are to be understood as being part of an event series (keep in mind, as far as Event Organiser is concerned they are not) and then using that flag to conditionally add a noindex tag to the page.

Viewing 1 replies (of 1 total)
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