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  • Hi,
    I’m hoping someone here can tell me if there’s any way to eliminate this challenge with my blog, which is causing a duplicate title tag issue, from my blog tagline. I searched my database, files, etc and come up with nothing! So, I decided to do a Google search and wow! Lots of people have this problem right now! Don’t know how to make this short as it’s a weird problem – lol.

    There is a query string added to your url (if you have the same problem with your blog):


    If you Google that exact phrase you will find I’m not in the boat alone, so I’m wondering if anyone else has it with their WordPress blog?

    It first turned up in my Google Webmaster dashboard early February, then it went away and now it’s back again! 🙁 So, once again Google is saying I have a ‘duplicate title tag’ issue, and it seems to affect my serps. 🙁 It shows up in the Google Webmaster dashboard, with the anchor text from my blog tagline.

    I found others in the Google forum reporting the same problem too, but would like to see if those of us with WordPress may have a resolve? Would like to figure out a way to not have it be associated with my site!

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