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  • I have defined some sidebar widgets in the functions.php of my theme – and somehow, I cannot recall at what point exactly, I ended up with those custom defined widgets appearing twice in the Appearance – Widgets Admin Panel.

    I believe, I need to clean out my database tables, and also suppose that it is the table wp_options that I should be looking at. But I don’t have a clue where and how to find those duplicates. Where it says widgets_something, it is all cryptic numbers.

    Can anybody enlighten me, or point to a source on the Net, where I can read up on this subject: how are custom sidebar widgets stored in the database tables of WordPress?


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  • I reccomend

    The complete guide to creating widgets in WordPress 2.8

    Very nice!!

    And for creating new sidebars in your theme the custom sidebars plugin

    Thanks marquex, I knew of the article by Justin, he is indeed an authoritative person for many things WordPress.

    But, my present situation is, that I ended up with too many sidebars, so to speak, a situation he does not address in his excellent article, as far as I could determine. But, maybe I am missing your point – could you enlighten me?

    If I were you I will start everything over again following Justin’s instructions and I’m sure you won’t ha duplicate sidebars. Anyway, you got your widgets duplicated in your front-end or in your back-end.

    Maybe if you show some of your code i may tell you what’s wrong.

    Hi marquex,

    here is my code, and I guarantee you, that is the only code that generates those widgets.

    [Code moderated as per the Forum Rules. Please use the

    Now, the duplication happens in the back-end, under Appearance -> Widgets. I wish I could attach a screenshot, to illustrate, but I do not know, how to do it here.

    Hate to do this, but *bump*, because I would really like to get rid of the duplicate widgets in the dashboard.

Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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