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    After upgrading from v. 1.x to v. 2.x, there are duplicate rulesets for each shipping method X each zone that those shipping methods are active in.

    Is it safe to delete the apparent extras or are there some non-obvious zone dependencies in there?

    Related question: At the moment, I don’t need different conditions for a given shipping method for different zones, but does the new 2.0 way of doing things rule out this possibility for the future?

    Thanks for a great plugin.

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    In 1.x -> 2.x migration it was necessary to create one ruleset per shipping method. For example, if you had 3 zones and 3 shipping methods in each zone, you would have 9 rulesets after 2.x migration.

    In some rare cases migration could have created duplicate rulesets. However, more likely reason is that rulesets are for different zones. You can delete duplicates if you are sure they are exact duplicates and not for different zones.

    In 2.x you can have different conditions for different zones for the same shipping method just like in 1.x. Technically shipping methods are different in each zone even if they have same type (e.g. flat rate) and name.

    Hope this clarifies!



    Thanks. How can I tell the difference between the ruleset for one zone or another?

    I have three separate shipping zones and UPS, as an example, is in all three. After migrating from 1.x -> 2.x, I have 6 rulesets on the shipping conditions page that are all called “UPS”. There is no visible distinction between any of them. Nowhere does it say anything in any of the new rulesets about what zone it applies to.

    If I wanted to create a ruleset that applies only to a particular zone, how would I do that? When I click on “add ruleset” there is no way that I can see to specify a zone.

    Plugin Author wooelements


    The only way is to open the ruleset and then click on the shipping method select field in the actions. The selected one is greyed out under a shipping zone. Please see this image for clarification:

    Similarly when you create a ruleset, you can select shipping methods from one or more shipping zones.

    Unfortunately it’s bit unclear when migrating from 1.x but I hope this makes sense.



    Got it. Thanks.

    Yes, that is pretty unintuitive for a migrated list of conditions. I have several duplicates that were created for whatever reason, but now I understand how to clean them up.

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