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  • How do you get rid duplicant content on my wordpress blog. For example i want to stop google & other search engines indexing the /tag/ directory since it doubles up posts in google. Also i changed the permalinks structure from /2010/…/ to a imrpoved SEO structure and google still shows the /2010/ links since they redirect to the new structure. So what do i do?

    Do i write in the robot.txt file to disallow those directories .. /2010/ & /tags/ or would that make it worse for SEO?

    Should i have the categories indexed or not?

    Also i am getting some images indexed in google which is really weird: (e.g. <— that got indexed in google 0.0) What is going on? can someone help fix all of my above problems :]

    Really would appreciate it if you could help 😀

    Mysite: Dabasics
    What google index:Googles Current Indexed Pages

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    Well, “dabasics” are reading the docs of the plugins you use. All in One SEO allows you to block indexing of Tag archives, etc. And read the WP docs: Search Engine Optimization for WordPress « WordPress Codex

    i have told it to block them but it didn’t work. so now i have a plugin called robots meta as well & that seems to be working. it puts in nofollow into the link codes. so i hope that will work. it has the option which i have enabled to redirect attachments, so those 2 are fixed.

    Thanks i will read that doc tomorrow since it is really late here and im tires. Btw what do u mean by “Well, “dabasics” are reading the docs of the plugins you use” ?

Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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