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    That is not normal behavior (obviously), what theme are you using? Do you have language or other string translation plugins?

    Thank you. I am using Toolbox child theme. I have a few other plugins; have no idea if they are language or other string translation plugins. I can try deactivating one by one to see if one is the culprit. I didn’t think a plugin would cause something so minor to go wrong, or I would have checked them first. I’ll write again when I’ve checked the plugins, probably tomorrow night.

    Hello again –

    I turned off all plugins, and the Radii Options drop-down worked correctly – no duplication. I turned them on one at a time, and Jetpack’s Publicize plugin seems to be causing the problem. I was counting on using Publicize on this site. Please advise.

    Thank you,

    P.S. Actually, it also happens with Jetpack’s Sharing plugin, so it must have something to do with connecting with social networks etc. I do need this plugin especially.

    I also don’t know if upgrading to WP 3.5 last week started this problem. I didn’t notice it before, but I wasn’t looking for it either.

    Thanks for any advice you can provide.

    I’m having this problem as well. Thanks in advance for advice.

    Well, the problem seems to have resolved itself–though I’m not quite sure how. The only change we made was to put the short code on a top-level published page rather than a draft, and everything works as expected.

    Another (minor) problem we noted was that if someone visits the page and does a search, the next time they visit there will be some default locations that appear in the middle of the US regardless of the search they performed earlier. Not a big problem for us, but it might be nice to have control over some ‘highlighted’ default locations.


    After several plugin updates, this conflict with Jetpack’s Share function is still not resolved.

    This is not a big problem with my current clients, who don’t care about Jetpack’s Share function, but it is a big problem going forward, with future clients who do.

    I am not going to forego Jetpack’s Share function to avoid this problem. Instead, I am going to find another store locator plugin that works correctly with Jetpack.

    I’d rather not search for another plugin, so please provide an estimate of when this conflict will be fixed. Thank you.

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    I just installed Jet Pack & turned on Share here:

    I’m not seeing the issue with 3.8.7.

    I just changed some code in 3.8.8 (not sure of release date yet) that *MIGHT* help. It only changes a global variable (generally bad idea) to a SLP specific object property. It *might* help, but it is a blind guess without being able to reproduce the problem on my dev or test sites.

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    3.8.8 is out with the tweaked code for this, not sure if it will fix it. Try it & let me know.

    Unfortunately, it’s still happening after I updated to 3.8.8. You can also see it on this page, where the list is in triplicate:

    It definitely is a conflict with the JetPack Share plugin, but I have no idea how. I hope you can find a fix, because otherwise your product is great.


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    I did a clean install of WP 3.5 + the latest JetPack and only activated Share + my FB account. Then installed SLP 3.8.7 (no add-ons) and did not see the issue.

    What theme are you using?

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