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  • Hello,

    I have been researching methods of preventing duplicate firing of the purchase event as sometimes people will reload the order-confirmation page which is causing serious discrepancies in the reporting in ads manager.

    I stumbled across a post which details that other plugins have this feature and I was wondering if you’d be able to do something similar?

    This is a huge issue for us as the metrics we are receiving at the moment are drastically different from the actual figures and this could easily be solved if there was a safeguard in place to prevent it.

    The post from – – details that:

    Purchases from Shopify: Shopify includes a form of conversion “de-duplication” via their liquid-tag {% if first_time_accessed %}, which allows you to designate which tags should fire once-per-order vs. always (since visitors tend to return to their purchase confirmation-page to check the order-status, etc.).
    I can’t find any documentation on how the built-in “Facebook Pixel Integration” in Shopify handles the purchase-events, but I assume they’re using a “fire once per purchase” approach by default.
    Use PixelYourSitePro Plugin in WP / WooCommerce: for those using WordPress / WooCommerce, there’s an excellent plugin called “Pixel Your Site Pro” that is well-worth the money and offers an option to fire the purchase-event once-per-transaction:

    Hopefully this makes sense and would be incredibly useful if it could be implemented as the biggest challenge that most advertisers face with ads manager is inaccurate reporting and metrics.

    This issue is unfortunately pushing me towards switching plugin which I’d much rather not do as Pixel Caffeine is amazing!

    Hope you’re well, many thanks!

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  • Plugin Author Antonino Scarfì



    the feature should be already in Pixel Caffeine: it registers a post meta flag inside the order when a Purchase event is been fired for that event, so it prevents to fire it again even if you visit the Thank you page.

    Could you please check how the purchase events is been fired from your website by checking through the Pixel Helper extension? Just try a purchase and check the Pixel Helper if it says a Purchase fired and then, after reloading the thank you page, you shouldn’t see it anymore.

    In case you see it won’t work, I kindly ask you if you can provide me your website URL and provide me a way to test a real purchase in your website (it’s enough have a staging side of your website, with some payment method set to dev mode).

    Thank you.

    Thank you for your message and apologies for not testing this yet, will follow the instructions and report back regarding the results.

    Hope you’re keeping well, many thanks!

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