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  • according to facebook pixel helper the purchase event is only firing once.

    although if it matters, i do also have two different pixels added to the page for tracking back to two different fb ad accounts.

    Plugin Author PixelYourSite



    First of all, the plugin will automatically fire the Purchase event, so you don’t have to manually configure it. If you have some Purchase events added on our Events tab, remove them.

    From what I see in the first Dropbox link, the second event looks to be our default one. I don’t know about the first event, it can be manually configured by you on the Events tab, or added by something else (custom code, another plugin).

    Regarding what Pixel Helper is reporting, their results are pretty accurate. Make sure that you do a test transaction and check the events on the actual page you get after the payment is complete. If you just visit the order-received page (with no transaction parameters) you won’t see our default Purchase event fired.

    I suspect that you have some extra Purchase events configured and you just need to remove them.

Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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