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    Hi, I’m having some problems with “Checks if the image already exist to avoid duplicates.”.
    It appears to recognize some files with the same name, but they are different media.
    It is impossible that those files have already been uploaded to my site, because it also happened with recent photos of a match played a few minutes before.
    Can I disable this feature?
    My media archive is large, and this feature is causing me problems.
    Thanks for support

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    Hello @marcorroma,

    Sorry you are having this issue. I’ll definitely look into it.

    I can’t seem to be able to replicate the problem though. I tried uploading case.jpg and case.pdf without any issues.

    Could I ask you to please try to search in the media library if you can find the file? Try searching for just a portion av the file name if it is long. For example if the name is this-is-my-boat.jpg, try searching “boat”.

    Also try replacing special characters with english ones. For example “läsk” becomes “lask”.

    If you have any more details that could help I would be grateful for those too.

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    Hi, thanks for your reply.

    The problem is that my colleagues have pictures named the same.
    Example a football match “real-madrid-barcelona.jpg”, which after about 6 months is played again, and my colleagues will have to upload a new photo of the match, named in the same way.

    Is it possible to exclude this function?
    Or you should improve this feature, and not allow uploads of images with the same name and size. This way you are sure that the image is the same (if the size is totally the same) and the name is the same.

    What do you think about it?

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    Hello @marcorroma!

    Sorry for the late reply. We have decided to make the duplicate setting an option that you could turn on and off. It’s coming in one of the upcoming updates in maybe a week or two.

    Hope that solves it for you.

    I’ll mark this as solved in the mean time.

    Let me know if you experience any more issues.

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    Thanks for your work.
    I await the update. Thank you

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