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    Maybe I’m not understanding the instructions on how Amen operates. If so, then it is my fault.

    I placed the shortcode [amen] and [amen_manage] on the same page where I want the prayers to be shown and logged in users to be able to post prayer requests.

    When someone posts a request via the form, the request appears twice. If the page is refreshed, the prayer is again doubled. If I remove the [amen_manage] shortcode and delete the duplicates everything seems to work fine using the Dashboard Amen to enter requests.

    For the record, I am using the Atahualpa Version 3.7.10 theme. My browser is Firefox latest version.

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  • Plugin Author uamv


    The [amen] shortcode is used to list prayer requests. It accepts the following parameters:

    • page=”page-id”Lists prayers tagged for specific page
    • author=”username(s)”Lists prayers authored by specific user (comma-separated list of authors accepted)
    • recent=”#”Lists certain number of most recent prayers
    • header=”your-header”Gives a header to the prayer list

    If no parameters are passed, then the full list of prayers is shown.

    The [amen_manage] shortcode allows a front end management experience for users. This is the same code that is used on the backend admin page. It contains a list of all prayer requests authored by the current logged-in user, or all requests (for admin).

    These shortcodes do not and probably should not be on the same page. Does that help?

    Yes, that helps. I was thinking that both shortcodes should not be on the same page. Thanks for comfirming that. Now to figure out how to set a page for logged in viewers to add requests … or maybe I’ll just require them to use the dashboard menu.


    Plugin Author uamv


    i am using role scoper to manage security. However, it’s pretty heavy. i think the plugin may hide the management form if users are not logged in … maybe … can’t remember. 🙂 So, resolved?

    Yes, resolved. Thanks!

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