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  • Now I’m taking a crack at it and found many duplicate post.
    I tried to unite feeds by using Google Reader and fetch GR’s feed.
    But I got the same result.

    I also have problem with many duplicate posts



    many-many duplicated posts… Some identical posts has a different hash, some identical posts has identical hash, but still duplicated (multiple times).
    FWP 2012.1218
    Wordpress 3.5.1 (doesn’t matter, because 3.5 has the problem too)
    FWP+: Strip HTML Tags from Posts 2010.1105
    Ada FeedWordPress Keyword Filters 2012.0521
    transposh 0.9.1 (I use custom field in posts tp_language for transposh)
    auto tag

    With previous version of transposh, I didn’t see duplicated posts. May problem be in the transposh? (But on localhost no duplicated posts presented)

    Duplicate Posts Remover can’t find duplicated posts.

    auto update 60 min
    one feed -> one category
    feed can use tags
    tags sets automatically by auto tag plugin
    stip html tags(through additional plugin STRIP HTML)
    filter showing posts (trough additional plugin ADA)

    PS turn off the Auto Tag plugin. Seeing…



    Same Problem here. It’s creating way to many duplicate posts and it’s crashing the server.



    FWP localhost-located has no such problem. (But FWP on localhost has 3 feeds, no more).



    I have also been experiencing this with my install of WordPress. I’ve found two workarounds to the problem. Each of these workaround were tested for a couple of days each and I never experienced another duplicate posts.


    The first workaround has to do with the guid that is generated and stored along with the post. I found that all of my duplicate posts had only one difference: their guid in the posts table were slightly different. For example:<guid-hash><guid-hash><guid-hash><guid-hash>

    In syndicatedpost.class.php:
    Line 778, change to:

    return trailingslashit(get_option('siteurl')).'?guid=';

    I’m using the Domain Mapping plugin (, so I had to also add the following.

    In feedwordpress.php, add:
    Line 1003 at the beginning of function update, add:


    With this workaround, I have noticed in my log file, that feedwordpress repeatedly tries to insert the post, but its never duplicated.


    The second workaround, I tried storing the original guid from the rss feed for each post and checked for that guid before inserting any post.

    In sydicatedpost.class.php:
    Line 262, add:

    $this->post['meta']['guid'] = $this->post['guid'];

    Line 1267, change:

    $q = new WP_Query( array(
        'ignore_sticky_posts' => true,
        'meta_key' => 'guid',
        'meta_value' => $guid


    I’m thinking for my install, I will do a combination of both workarounds, so I have a consistent guid in my posts table, plus feedwordpress won’t constantly be trying to insert already existing posts.

    If you have a chance to test these, please let me know if these solutions work for you or not.

    Good Luck!

    Morgan Kay


    Thanks, Atrus! I’ve tried this – I’ll let you know in a day or two if it has helped.

    One correction, though – I believe that instead of line 262, you meant line 1262.



    I have added both workarounds. Will update here on the outcomes later.



    I have added both the workarounds. Hopefully now my duplicate posts issue is resolved.



    I have added both the workarounds, but it seems I am still getting duplicate posts. Will try to debug and post if I have any updates.

    Those fixes actually made my problem worse. I have noticed that publishing immediately is much better than having it save a draft. I have been able to successfully maintain 7 feeds through feedwordpress.

    Is there a better fix for this available already?

    so far, there is no fix for this duplication post.

    Okay, then I hope it gets resolved with the next update

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