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    Previously, when I used duplicate post to create a copy/clone of a post in WordPress, it truly created an exact duplicate, including fields from plugins like The Events Calendar and Yoast SEO – just appending a number to the end of the URL. It would bring over all field values, including the event date, time, cost, location, organizer, SEO title, meta description, keyword, etc.

    But now, with the update to the latest version of Duplicate posts, duplicating a post or event just carries over values from the default WordPress fields. I have to select a new featured image, select a venue and organizer, and cost, and reselect a start and end time, and I have to refill out all SEO fields, even though those values really should have carried over during the duplication process. Basically, It’s carrying over the event title, url, and body content, and that’s *it*.

    I did go into the options for Duplicate Posts, and made sure everything was checked that I could (including featured image, events, locations and organizers) but it doesn’t include fields from other plugins. Why the change? Is this something that can be brought back in? Is this a bug?

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    there hasn’t been any change who should have an impact on cloning the custom fields of plugins, and certainly not the cloning of the featured image.
    Also, I’ve tested the new version against the plugins you’re mentioning (The Events Calendar and Yoast SEO) since they’re plugins I sometimes use in my sites…

    May I ask you some questions about your set up?
    – since which version did you experience the problem? 3.0.*? 3.1.*?
    – are you on Multisite installation?
    – which theme are you using?
    – which other plugins are you using?
    – do you have the chance to look in the web server logs to find if there’s an error when you clone a post?

    Thanks in advance for your help

    1. Since 3.1.1
    2. No
    3. Garnish (and it worked fine until just at the most recent update)
    4. Contact Form 7, Duplicate Post, Envira Gallery, Restaurant Add-Ons, Revolution Slider, Soliloquy, The Events Calendar, Under Construction
    5. Nope. Not even sure where to go to look for that, as I am not the server administrator

    Just logged into the hosting account and looked at the error log, and it’s showing absolutely nothing in the log, so whatever is going on apparently doesn’t ping as a web server log.

    Plugin Author Lopo


    Other questions, forgive me 🙂
    – which version of WP?
    – are all the plugins updated to their last versions?
    – does it happen both when you click on “Clone” and on “Copy to a New Draft”?
    – would it be a problem to disable all the other plugins except The Events Calendar and Duplicat Post, and try to clone an event?
    – do you have access to the database, in case I ask you to dump some data?

    1. The most recent: 4.7
    2. Yes, the quickest way to get a hacked site is to not keep the plugins up to date, so I’m fairly religious about that.
    3. If I hit clone, it says that a post was copied, but then I can’t find it anywhere (not in drafts, nowhere), so no idea if it happens there. If I click copy to a new draft, then I have the problem. So it would seem perhaps clone doesn’t work at all.
    4. Not really, because if I deactivate Events and SEO plugins then I won’t be able to duplicate the problem because those fields would disappear. I can disable everything else, though.
    5. I do have access to the database, but I am not comfortable with the idea of dumping post data, as that would potentially result in the loss of events and images I’ve spent hours adding for my client, which would mean I have to re-do all that work for my client that he is not going to want to pay for that.

    Disabling all plugins BUT Events Calendar and Yoast SEO, I was able to clone and copy to a new draft, and yes, I am still having the problem of it not duplicating all the fields – it’s still skipping any fields associated with the event calendar or seo, and leaving them blank.

    For what it’s worth, I have another website I administer that also uses an event calendar, but one that is inherent with its theme (Vienna), as well as Yoast SEO, and since updating Duplicate Post, I now have the same problem on that site – Duplicate Post only duplicates the base WordPress fields/content, and leaves everything else blank, forcing me to repopulate that data.

    So it would appear this is probably a fairly widespread problem unless you’re using WordPress without plugins.

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    Plugin Author Lopo


    Thanks for your test, at least we can exclude incompatibilities with your other plugins.

    Just one thing: with “dump” I did not mean to delete data, it’s only jargon for “export” when speaking about a database!

    The thing is, no other user have reported that, and as I told you I’ve tested the new version against The Event Calendar, Yoast SEO and many other plugins, so I’m thinking that it has something to do with the set up of your sites… Do both of them run on the same server? Or the same hosting provider?
    Do you know which version of PHP are running?

    Would it be ok if I put together a debug version for you test?

    Plugin Author Lopo


    Another question:
    in the settings, how’s the “Do not copy these fields” textbox set? Is it empty, or does it have any content (if so, what)?

    I can dump data for you, if you need. Let me know.

    I believe both are on the same server, and both on, but I have no control over which server they use or anything other than basic hosting client capabilities.

    PHP version is default 5.5.36

    You can put together a debug version, but you’ll need to let me know what I need to do with it (if anything).

    The “do not copy these fields” is blank on both sites (because I want everything copied).

    I like to chime in on this topic.

    I’m also facing some issues with version 3.1.1 of the plugin – i.e. the featured image of a post is NOT cloned by Duplicate Post.

    Reverted back to version 3.0.3 (I did not even install 3.1) – this works flawlessly!

    I’m also using WordPress 4.7 in this install…

    Yes. I am having that problem, too. No featured image. My hunch is as more people update the plugin, more people might chime in. It is a really recent update.

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    I’m having the same trouble. Duplicate Post is now no longer copying any content over from the old page/post part from the basic WordPress data. Version 3.1.1. WP is 3.7. Theme is Oshin.

    I am having an issue too, with cloning of content created with the page builder included with Grow Pro theme (via SiteOrigin I think). Cloning worked in mid-October but now it doesn’t. The cloned page has no content. I’ve tried both “Clone” and “Copy to new draft” options. Also using WP 4.7.

    Plugin Author Lopo


    I finally managed to reproduce the bug and released a fix (version 3.1.2).

    You should see it available in the next few minutes, can you update and try if the issue is gone?
    Thanks to you all, sorry about the problem!

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