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  • This is discussed also in:
    but has no recent updates so I’ll bring it up again. (plus that it was discussed under a heading that had nothing to do with WPML)

    It seems Duplicate Post does not function well with the multilingual WP tool WPML.

    I have a blog/site with two languages: English as primary and Swedish as secondary language.

    All seems to work fine for English (the primary language).

    But in the secondary language the following happens:

    If I create a duplicate of a post in Swedish (the secondary language) it makes a duplicate but as soon as the post is saved the post language is switched to English (the primary language).

    This has some (grave) consequences but essentially means that Duplicate Post can’t be used with WPML:
    – the metadata info is lost or screwed up (tags & categories)
    – the link between posts in different languages is lost (primary post & translated post)

    Since I’d much like to use this plugin I’m hoping for an update that works nicely with WPML.


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  • Plugin Author Lopo


    as stated in the thread you’re linking, this is not my plugin’s fault: WPML uses non-standard tables and my plugin can’t cope with them if nobody tells how.

    In the last post of that thread I submitted a tentative solution using a new plugin. I didn’t get any answer by the user who asked for it. I don’t use WPML, and my priorities are to the development of my plugin for the general use.
    You could help me by following carefully those instructions and see if that solution works, and report if you have problems.

    Also remember that I can’t know every plugin’s behaviour: I added the hooks in my plugin to help *other developers* to submit their solutions to let my plugin work *with their plugin* or with the plugins they use!

    That’s why I’m labelling this thread “not a support question”, even if I will try to work with you and other WPML users to find a way to solve the issue.

    Hi Lopo,

    Thanks for the reply!

    I understand that this may not be a priority for you.

    I intended to try the thing that you suggested in the previous post but the link just took me to a strange page that I don’t understand, or is an error. (I am not a developer though. Perhaps that’s what’s needed to know what to do with that page.)

    Might be worth mentioning that WPML is a quite widely used multilingual plugin for WP (more than 200,000 downloads I believe.)


Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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