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  • I have the need to have duplicate post categories, but WP is no longer allowing that.

    I need to be able to set up a structure like the following:

    Chevrolet > Corvette > 2008
    Ford > Mustang > 2008

    When I try to add the second 2008 category, it’s throwing an error.

    Are there any work arounds or plugins for this?


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  • Anyone?

    Also open to suggestions. I have a project I need to get rolling out and this is the core issue that’s the hold up for me right now. If it were just a few, I’d figure out an alternative, but there’s going to be a possible 75+ for the next sub category set.

    I appreciate any help very much!

    I had this problem too (still unsolved) when categorizing things by state. 2008 is not a very SEO-optimized category name, so what about using something like “2008 Corvettes” instead?

    Hi iridiax,

    The only problem with that is I’m going to be using WP as a simple store, and will be having a product or two starting out for each make/model & most of the recent years. Some performance parts may fit a 2004 Corvette, but not the 2005 since it’s a different engine.

    The reason I’m breaking it down so much is because I’ve got a chain menu that requires them to choose a Make, then it populates the available Models, and once the model is chosen, the Years that are available will appear.

    I appreciate the reply though!!


    It’s the category slugs that have to be different.

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