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    I am getting warning in JS console on my site — “Duplicate Pixel ID:xxxxxxxx”


    I am loading FB pixel via GTM for tracking purposes of FB ads.
    It looks like your plugin also loads it and there is no option to disable it.
    I would only like to use plugin to sync products onto FB and disable any other functionality it may have.


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  • Hi, while I support your request (I’ve had the need to deactivate it too in some scenarios), I can suggest you to just disable it from GTM, instead. What are you trying to achieve by GTM that you can’t with the plugin (just referring to FB, obviously)?

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    GTM is Google Tag Manager. It is a very convenient (and preferred) way to insert third-party tracking code.
    Simply because everything is in one place instead of being scattered over multiple plugins.


    Hi again, I know what GTM is and what its use is, I was asking if you were trying to achieve something different from the plugin.
    I understand that you are using GTM just for your convenience, then my first advice still applies: disable the pixel activation from GTM and just use FB for WooCommerce plugin, since the plugin doesn’t have (and won’t have for the time being) the option you need.
    I may add this: I’m pretty sure you are using FB for WooCommerce plugin to send ecommerce events so you really won’t have everything in one place (GTM), because in reality it’s still the plugin which is sending ecommerce events to Facebook, not GTM.
    As an alternative, if you are using WooCommerce Google Analytics Integration, you could use data layers for google enhanced ecommerce events generated by it to activate every and each Facebook event from GTM, then you could disable the plugin entirely.
    I hope I’ve been clear, if not please feel free to ask.

    Edit: I see you are using GTM4WP, you should be able to do with it what I already suggested with WooCommerce Google Analytics Integration.

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    Yes, it is pure convenience. We have dedicated person who does FB and Google ads and his primary interface to the site is GTM and he was the one setting up FB pixel in the first place.
    I can also see he installed tracking code to record conversions from FB.
    Personally, I am using plugin to sync products to the shop.

    I paused FB pixel on GTM at the moment. Warning disappeared. I will check that data is properly recorded, but expect it to be OK.

    Just thought it would be a good idea to allow people to choose how FB pixel is inserted on site, but this is my personal preference.


    Yes, I understand your concerns and I feel the same about allowing people to choose how to insert the pixel, however this specific plugin is made (almost) by FB staff and they just made a free tool available to the public to help them using their products.
    I’m not confident they’ll change this behaviour in the next future (if they’ll ever…). In the end if you need advanced customizations you have to make them yourself or pay for more complete plugins.



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    Hi folks!

    It sounds like you have reached a decent conclusion on this topic; it’s indeed a feature request that you can report to the GitHub instance for the plugin:

    You may be interested in following along with this topic as well, as it may be relevant to what you are looking for:

    I’m going to set this topic to resolved, as it doesn’t require more input at this time. Thanks @techedge83 for your valuable input!

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