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  • Hi. When I look at the Wassup logs, I frequently see pageviews like these:

    08:57:40 ->/blog/2012/05/28/post
    08:57:42 ->/blog/2012/05/28/post/

    The same user has 2 entries for the same post, separated by 1 or 2 seconds, that differ only in the / character at the end of the URL.

    My Wassup stats are a lot higher than my Piwik stats (like 2x higher). This is one of the factors that explain the difference. What is it? Is it a bug? Can I prevent it?


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  • Plugin Contributor helened


    It looks like there is a problem in your WordPress setup where a visitor’s browser is automatically redirected to the url with the slash appended. Wassup tracks both urls because the browser visits both.

    Try fixing your permalink structure (WordPress>>Settings>>Permalinks) to include the trailing slash; or deactivate any plugin that is enforcing the trailing slash in the URL (Ex: WordPress SEO plugin?); or edit your .htaccess server configuration file; or do a combination.

Viewing 1 replies (of 1 total)
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