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    As reported in the main Woocommerce support forum on, the latest update, version 4.2.0 (released 2 days ago) to this plugin is causing duplicate (2 copies) of all order and status emails to be sent. This is causing me and my customers some grief. Can you please fix this ASAP?


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  • Please do fix this ASAP. Customers are getting angry and they think they have been charged twice.

    You should probably report this here.

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    Oddly, I have received a number of orders overnight via the Stripe Gateway plugin and things are working as expected again.

    I know the issue wasn’t caused by Stripe itself (as I use other plugins on my other sites for Stripe payment, and no similar issues on them); this seems to be down to the latest plugin update… but I’m at a loss as to why it now seems to be back to normal (no plugin or theme updates have been rolled out on my site).

    i have same issue.

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    I’m definitely sorry to hear of the troubles! To rule out any possible bugs, I tried to replicate this on my default, test site. With just Storefront, WC, and Stripe 4.2.0 active, I do not receive any duplicate emails.

    Have you tested for conflicts? I would recommend running through the following troubleshooting steps if not:

    And if you have taken these steps and the problem is still persisting, can you further walk me through any other possible steps to reproduce? Testing for it seems pretty straight forward, but perhaps I haven’t completely replicated your scenario.


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    I have raised a ticket for this via the Woocommerce site, but I seem to be getting the run around, not very satisfactory. I may decide that it’s time to move to a different (better supported) eCommerce solution…

    I wouldn’t mind but I appear to not be the only person reporting this issue…

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    Thanks for reaching out to us @ttoaster

    @masatoigarashi @jorcool13 Can you please open a ticket with full details for us, please?

    Also, can I ask you to install WP Mail Loggin or Log Emails plugin, these will show what emails are being generated and how many.


    @dougaitken @laceyrod

    This must be something with the webhooks as it is also duplicating the order comment and the status change.

    @ttoaster Can you confirm this too?

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    I am seeing multiple emails (both to me and the customer), duplicate charge details in the Order Notes section of the Woocommerce order page, but I’m NOT seeing duplicate orders (in Woocommerce) or duplicate Stripe charges (on my Stripe portal).

    However, this is not a persistent issue, only some orders placed that use the Stripe plugin are affected, others are not. There is no obvious pattern or common thread.

    I have now had this problem confirmed by the Woocommerce support team, and they are trying to understand the cause of it (what they broke in 4.2.0).

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    To help us narrow down a possible cause with this, please do open up a ticket with us directly.

    I’m going to close off this forum thread and let’s continue the conversation via tickets.

    If there is a specific root cause to this, we can post an update.


    We’re having the exact same issue here. It happens with about 50% of my orders.

    50% of customers receive a duplicate “Your order has been received!” email thinking that they have been charged twice yet both order emails are identical and have identical order numbers. It’s extremely frustrating for the customer services department as requests for refunds are on the rise due to this confusion.

    On the Woocommerce dashboard side of things everything seems to be fine and when I view the “Orders” section it doesn’t show any duplicates but there is an issue with order details once clicked on and this is what is shown:

    Shipping: $0.00
    Total: $1.50
    Stripe Fee: – $0.64
    Stripe Payout: $2.36

    How can it possibly be $1.50 when the order has only been placed once for a $1.50 charge? Where is Woocommerce getting $2.36 from when they’ve only been charged $1.50?

    This is probably linked to the duplicate order glitch. Also when I mark the order as completed those people who had duplicate order emails do not get the “Your order is now complete email” but those who didn’t get duplicate emails do get the “your order is now complete” email notification. This is extreme frustrating and absolutely unacceptable. We have gone over everything and tried everything to resolve this yet the issue still persists.

    I really do hope that there’s an actual solution to this otherwise as much as we would hate to, we might have to move away from Woocommerce.



    Hello since your last update, the shop I manage has been getting duplicate orders via email. I have also noticed that the order and Stripe payout is incorrect. (see attachment:

    You can see the only one item was ordered, but your plugin processed it twice (see order notes) and even shows a double payout to Stripe when comparing the report to Stripe, it’s not accurate. It is not affecting the actual payment from Stripe, but a fix is needed to continue using your plugin. I am going to roll back the plugin to your previous version. I hope you can fix this soon or I will have to find another solution.

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    I am also having the problem of duplicate new order emails being sent to the customer and I am receiving duplicate emails myself. Only when the customer makes the payment via Stripe. Not when they pay via PayPal.

    Does anyone have any solutions?



    Stripe plugin version: 4.2.3
    Woocomm version: 3.7.0
    Wordpress version: 5.2.2

    We are also getting duplicate orders, about 1 in 3 of all orders now have to be processed with a customer follow-up and a refund, sometimes the duplicate is quick, ie within minutes, but bizarrely one was 24hrs later.

    Only new plugin added was WooCommerce Admin.
    Have now de activated this.
    Turned off caching – still get dupes.

    Happy to give you site access to check if it’s a stripe/woo bug.

    I am having the same problem. Every single “New Order” results in *two* identical “New Order” emails being received by the Administrator.

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