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  • Hello,

    What I would like : get two versions of my existing WordPress site ( &

    Why : having a english version and an alternative language version of the exact same site

    What I’ve already done : activate WordPress multisite

    My question : how do I duplicate my existing site into second version of it ( in which I could translate the texts into the language I want.

    Thank you ! 🙂

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  • There are plugins that allow you to create multiple language versions of each desired page within your site, as opposed to creating a new site, much less a Multisite. The latter is overkill for your needs, from what it sounds like thus far.

    In any case, to answer your question, you need to create a new site by going here:

    WP-Admin > Network Admin > Sites

    To replicate your existing site, you need to export from your current blog and import into your new one, thus your sub-site, and adjust the settings/plugins to your needs.

    Good luck.

    Thank you JHouse.

    I do not want a plugin which translates my articles via online translation (such as Google Trad). I need something cleaner.

    I created a new site via “WP-Admin > Network Admin > Sites”, but when I wand to manage it I get an error that says my does not exist.

    What’s the matter here ?


    No problem Alpham, you’re welcome.

    Have you set up wildcard sub-domains with your web host, perhaps through cpanel? If not, they may be the case as it’s trying to visit the new site and sub-domain “lang.”

    By the way, I wasn’t referring to a language translation program, as yes, they’re kinda janky. I’m talking about providing a legit translation for each page, then redirect the user to the right translation (that you’ve provided), with the help of one of the aforementioned language plugins. It’s a relatively simple process, much simpler than setting up and maintaining a Network, even for just two sites. Just sayin’…

    Which of these plugins would you recommend me ?

    Thanks for the precious help JHouse

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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