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    I’ve searched the internet (google, WP forum) trying to ‘diagnose’ what the problem is, but I’m having a lot of difficulty. I find a lot of related issues, but I am not quiet sure which is relevant.

    The problem:
    In google webmaster tools, under Optimization > HTML Improvements, I’m getting:
    ‘Duplicate meta descriptions’ and ‘Duplicate title tags’

    I’m getting these duplicate messages because I have the post under two url strings, ie:

    Mauritanian Press Archives | Sahel Press Reviews


    2 Malians kidnapped from NGO < – Sahel Press Reviews

    (this is the case for 122 meta descriptions and 92 title tags)

    My permalink structure is: /%category%/%postname%/
    ‘malian-press’ and ‘mauritanian-press’ are sub-categories of ‘press-reviews’.

    I don’t know how to address this issue.
    Could somebody explain how to fix this, or at least what such an issue involves.

    I am using WordPress SEO by yoast.
    Theme: zBench

    Thanks for any direction given

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    Could somebody please give me a few keywords to look up this issue?

    Ie. Is this a canonization issue? Does it have to do with my plugins?

    Again, thanks for any direction

    You can help this with rel canonical:

    canonical is not a cure-all though, and I’ve encountered many sites where things are still viewed as duplicates despite having canonical being configured properly.

    Ultimately anything that is tagged with multiple tags or placed in multiple categories will be duplicates in some sense. Be sure the category title is different and unique, and there is some pagination in the page title.

    It’s hard to avoid completely without using noindex on some category & tag pages, but obviously that doesn’t make sense in every situation.

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