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  • I searched the forum, read your documentation and now I’m here with a question. I am sure many people ask this but I didn’t found it anywhere on the internet. When uploading a page template it starts to upload images that are already on the server how do I deal with this? I don’t want the same images uploaded again and again and again. Please give me a straight answer. Stop make me go in circles!

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  • gabhelper



    I am not sure to which thread you are referring and I never saw a similar report so far:

    In any case, I cannot reproduce the issue with Elementor 3.5.0.
    Can you give me the exact steps to reproduce?
    I saved a page as a template, then I pasted it into a new page, and there were no duplicates of pictures.
    Are we talking about the template library and Elementor free?
    Make sure also that you are using the latest version Elementor 3.5.0.

    I have the exact same problem. If I create an elementor template, import it, all images will be duplicated. For example – let’s say I have an image horses.jpg in my template and I have this image in my media folder on my wordpress.
    If I import this template, Elementor will go into my media folder and create another image called horses-1.jpg and then change my Elementor template to use this image.
    The result – a lot of duplicate images.
    How can I solve this problem?
    I’ve created a ticket in Elementor support system about this issue.

Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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