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  • I’m brand-new to WordPress, so my apologies if this is something obvious. I have pictures and summaries of my posts showing up in the right-hand sidebar of my Category-driven pages, which is very nice. However, it shows each picture twice in a row.

    I am not certain, but this seemed to occur after I installed Dynamic Content Gallery. At first I think it was showing four of each picture in sets of two. I went in the Multi-Function Settings of Dynamic Content Gallery and only selected two pictures for my slideshow (just built the show yesterday, so I only have two posts with two images so far to test content) and that seemed to take it down to the current two sets of two pictures.

    Any idea what’s going on here, and ways to fix it? Especially if I can fix it with the dashboard and buttons, I am getting heart palpitations at the thought of messing around with the code.

    The website is , and one of the category pages with the sidebar problem is “For Trainees”

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  • Don’t know if it will help or not, but the code for the top two thumbnails is this:

    <img class="dfcg-auto full" alt="Welcome to our new website!" src="">
    <img class="dfcg-thumb-legacy thumbnail" alt="Welcome to our new website!" src="">

    Maybe the “dvcg-auto” and “dfcg-thumb-legacy” classes will give you a clue to the source.

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