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    Hey there, Alex.

    Have a couple of tricky (probably) and less tricky questions.

    First one is the easiest – is your theme php 7.3 compatible? WordPress insist I got to migrate to it immediately. Want to make sure that I’ll be still good using Minimer.

    Second one.
    I was running SEO audit and figured that I have a duplicate title and meta issue. For my SEO purposes, I am using SEOpress plugin where I customize all the parameters but I guess it also somehow inbuilt in the theme too. The solution from the plugin developer was to check for <title><?php wp_title(); ?> somewhere in header.php file and delete it. But I didn’t find anything like that in the theme editor. Would appreciate some guidelines on getting rid of default theme meta and title tags 🙂

    Third one.
    I am working on optimizing my website speed. And so far my only issue (except for the horribly slow hosting) are render-blocking resources in the header – that java and CSS in the awesome menu and search in the header I mean). And to be honest those, of course, are essential but I don’t mind (and it’s not supposed to hurt the UX much) if that code will load after the page content is loaded. Is there any way to move the code to the footer while keeping all the buttons in the header? If I making this explanation clear 🙂

    Hope you can help 🙂

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  • Theme Author Alexander Agnarson


    Hi Ana!

    1) It should be! I haven’t tested it but I don’t see why it would break with 7.3. There have been no reports of issues.

    2) Any chance you run double SEO plugins or something like that? The theme only has the standard:

    <?php wp_head(); ?>

    In the header. So it shouldn’t double the stuff. Must be some other plugin you are running that adds it in a sneaky way.

    3) I think you would be best off changing render blocking resources with a plugin instead of editing theme files. Instead of me explaining, here are some guides:

    Thread Starter mukopu3a


    aha, yes. that doesn’t solve any of my problems, to be honest 🙂 Let’s try to elaborate.

    #1 ok for the first one I’ll just migrate the website with the least content and let’s hope it will work… If not – i’ll keep you posted on this one.

    #2 I do use one SEO plugin as I’ve mentioned – so one title is for plugin’s setting + and the other has to be theme SEO settings. (Meta and Title) What exactly this standard <?php wp_head(); ?> supposed to be doing? Can i delete it? safely to test? I am not a developer so I am struggling with all those standard snippets of codes 🙂

    #3 I’ve tested numerous combinations of speeding plugins – including the ones mentioned in the posts you’ve shared. I found the optimum set up that has one thing that can optimize further since I know which code impacts the speed load the most – those things in the header that unfold the menu and the search bar in the header. So at my best knowledge, the optimum solution that won’t clog my code any further (that’s what autooptimize and w3 total cache do to me lately) would be somehow loading ONLY headers java and css when everything else the page was loaded. I am sure you can come up with the solution and it might even not be very complicated (and also can be utilized for the things we’ve we discussed via emails – so it’s not completely useless:) Let’s think 🙂

    Theme Author Alexander Agnarson


    #1 Keep me updated!

    #2 You can not remove <?php wp_head(); ?>, as the whole theme will break if you do. That’s where plugins and the theme loads all their files, as well as in the footer. The theme itself has no SEO settings for the title, as that is plugin territory and not allowed.

    #3 Ok, so if you want to experiment with the theme files and where stuff loads, you would edit functions.php with a child theme and modify line 183-188. You will see that each line either ends with a true or false. If set to true, it will load the script in the footer. If set to false, it will load in header. How bad is the pagespeed score? The theme should load most files in the right place.

    Sorry if the help is useless 🙁 But let’s take this step by step so we can solve your issues.

    Thread Starter mukopu3a


    With your last paragraph now I feel like an evil witch 🙂 That’s why I would rather prefer to chat via email about my challenges 🙂

    We’ve solved 50% out of 100% so it wasn’t useless at all.

    I’ll go and try to have fun with lines 183-188.
    Pagespeed is not THAT bad, but I would prefer it to be better, if not the best.
    So if there’s a chance I can improve it a little bit – I am taking it.

    Thank you!! and sorry for upsetting you!

    Thread Starter mukopu3a


    mmm changes to “true” didn’t make an impact 🙁

    also as you can see from the screenshot == >> the scripts that are interfering the page load are both java and css and in those 183-188 there were only js scripts… Hoping for more suggestions 🙂 (angel emoji goes here)

    Theme Author Alexander Agnarson


    When I try the demosite on Google Pagespeed Insights, I score 89/100. (

    When I try your site on Google Pagespeed Insights, I score 56/100.

    What host do you have? I use SiteGround:

    Thread Starter mukopu3a


    I know about my hosting – I mentioned it in my very first comment 🙂 And as a matter of fact, SiteGround is my chosen provider to change – they seem to be cheap but also one of the speediest.

    However, it’s not an option at this time, so I am just trying to fix whatever I can 🙂

    Thread Starter mukopu3a


    So I migrated to new PHP version and my server response time reduced drastically (yay!) — screenshot — >>

    I am still not in the green zone, but I am certain that moving those java and css scripts from head to body will get me closer to this goal 🙂 Hope you can guide me 🙂 Sorry for being such a PITA

    Theme Author Alexander Agnarson


    Sorry for the late reply.

    Nice that the PHP version reduced response time!

    Did you try changing false to true for slick js?

    wp_enqueue_script( 'minimer-slick', get_template_directory_uri() . '/js/slick.min.js', array( 'jquery' ),'', false );

    That part, on line 184 in functions.php. The rest of the theme’s scripts are loading in footer.

    I’m not really sure how to load core jquery in the footer as well. However, some Googling showed this as potential fix:

    Or this:

    Thread Starter mukopu3a


    Woah, thanks for the link … Even though I felt like a hacker when I first opened it (i feel very uncomfortable with anything technical :))

    So when I first made the changes you’ve suggested with that line 184 (as soon as I got the tip) – there was no difference.

    But after I’ve implemented suggestions from it worked – no render-blocking from scripts happening AT ALL… SO happy !!!!

    Now the only opportunity to speed up things a bit more is to “remove unused CSS …css/head-b2edb93… ” So far I am pretty happy with the results we’ve achieved (
    (92 on mobile / 98 on dt) but if you have an idea about unused CSS removal let me know :))

    Thank you, Alex!!

    Theme Author Alexander Agnarson


    Yay, glad that it actually worked! Sick web scores! 😀 Well done applying the fix and getting it to work.

    As for the CSS, I’m not sure what to suggest. “Unused css”, that must come from a plugin rather than the theme right? Perhaps there is a plugin option that changes it (stumbling in the dark here).

    Thread Starter mukopu3a


    Well, sometimes I am back to square one with a bit of code in that header thing (and it’s not from the plugins, it from the theme :))

    Now I am at 74 (agrrrrr!!) sometimes it goes up, sometimes goes back. Now with the same render blocking and unused css.

    Anyways, I experimented a bit squizing out some things from the theme header.
    Right now i m at the optimal balance between usability and switched of scripts.

    Heres what I shut down (not sure what it does but doesn’t seem to affect anything I use and hope will be helpful for you): minimer/js/jquery.fitvids.js, minimer/js/slick.min.js

    It gave me a couple of extra points in my fight for the speed 🙂

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