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    Hi There,

    I’m using ngg and I’m very happy with it.
    One of my galleries is getting so big (226 images) it slows down te page when it loads/opens.
    Is there a way to copy the gallery and then remove 1 half (orso) in the one and an other half in the other…
    Or divide the gallery.
    If is simply remove half and start a new gallery with the rest of the images I’ll have to insert Alt & Title Text / Description Tags (comma separated list) all over again.
    Lots of work I’d rather not have to do..

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  • Hello,

    Nobody got idea’s or knows how to copy/duplicate a gallery?

    I have some galleries with nearly 1000 pictures so I understand.



    Gallery Tab

    Number of images per page


    You will then see page number under the gallery. You can click next to continue to the next fifty, etc.

    Good luck.


    Great, works fine this way!! Thanks!

    Do you have a solution by any chance to the fact that if we choose open in new window

    ( so the exact url of the image is shown in the brower ( SEO ) like this: )

    the only way to let the visitor return to the gallery is to hit the go back Arrow in the browser. Is there a way to just click in the image makes them return to the gallery?

    Not using the exact image url, is not good for search engines. I notice that they dont show up in the search results, as long s they are in a next gen gallery. I suppose that will be solved if we use the open in new window option.


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    You can with Lightbox. You click the image and it opens in the lightbox effect then you can click on the caption to download the image. Provided you fill in the info for the Alt & Title Text / Description.

    Lately I’ve been recommending the following :

    I use jQuery Lightbox (balupton edition).

    Make sure in Gallery->Options->Effects had the following setting :

    JavaScript Thumbnail effect: Lightbox

    Link Code line: rel=”lightbox[%GALLERY_NAME%]”

    You’ll see the download.

    After the plugin has been installed you find jQuery Lightbox in the setting section of the admin bar.

    You can try my site :

    Good luck.

    Thx for your help!

    Now I use pagination, but does not seem to effect the slow loading of the page. Pagination seems to not realy create a new page, just split the gallery up. The url stays the same even if we are on page 2 or 3. This means all the images still need to load on every pagination? Do you feel that pagination helps the loading of your pages?

    I will try out the lightbox effect/plugin.
    Thx again!

    I don’t use Pagination so I can’t really say.

    Clear your nggallery cache :

    Gallery->Gallery Options

    Images tab

    Clear cache folder

    You should see an improvement, maybe take a few hours to see the improvement.

    I also repair/optimize my database often. But if you don’t know what you’re doing you shouldn’t mess with the database.

    Good luck.


    I cleared the cache, seems to help so far, thx for the tip!

    regarding copying a gallery, I use the following method:

    – Manage gallery
    – Create a new gallery and give it a name
    – Open gallery to be copied or moved
    – Select all the images in that gallery
    – Select “move to” name of new gallery

    This way I van split a gallery that has become to long, all the tags and properties are kept.

    Doining the same but choosing “copy” instead of “move to” will also move the images to the new folder, but leave them also in the Original folder.

    Mayby you knew this allready, but who’s knows this helps another “searching soul” haha.

    As far as my Original question goes, I consider this topic solved.

Viewing 8 replies - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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