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    Hi Support,

    We have a second issue with the same field. We are pulling in your data into a measurement system and the “frame colour” field is being pulled into the basket twic as per above for a normal purchase but it’s not being pulled in at all for our custom purchase.

    We are using a plugin that adds products (panes) to the cart programmatically. We pass the ppom fields required in the cart data like so :
    $ppom = array(
    ‘ppom’ => array(
    ‘fields’ => array(
    ‘id’ => 1,
    ‘room_name’ => $_POST[‘room_window_name’],
    ‘pane_title’ => $panel[‘title’],
    ‘frame_colour’ => $panel[‘colour’]
    ‘conditionally_hidden’ => ”,
    ‘ppom_option_price’ => ”
    ‘pricing_item_meta_data’ => array(
    ‘_price’ => (float)$panel[‘panel_price’],
    ‘_measurement_needed’ => (float)$panel[‘total_area’],
    ‘_measurement_needed_unit’ => ‘sq m’,
    ‘_quantity’ => $panel[‘quantity’],
    ‘length’ => $panel[‘width’],
    ‘width’ => $panel[‘height’],
    While all the other fields are saved and passed in the checkout as normal the frame colour isn’t being populated despite the value being correct.

    Can you please advise? We feel the two issues are probably linked but we need your help please? It’s quite urgent as the client is waiting.

    Thanks, Alan

    Hi Alan,

    I think it is conflict with the custom script or plugin you are trying to configure with PPOM. Try without these changes and the problem persists then let me know otherwise we cannot be sure what changes you have made.

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    Hi Nmedia, We tried doing this prior to raising a support ticket. The issue exists with our plugin disabled and even completely removed.

    What’s next? Do you need a login to the site?



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    Any news on this please?

    Many thanks, Alan


    can you please change data name of frame_colour to something different then try.

Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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