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    Yes I check it with the pixel helper. And I still see duplicate events

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    <p>I’m guessing that Facebook is showing you a message that indicates that event_id parameter is missing from the tracking data similar to:<br>
    see screen shot<br></p>
    <p>If I’m understanding correctly, I’ve just done some testing of this on my own test site here: I used this plugin: to capture the request that was sent to the FaceBook conversions API and I used the Facebook Pixel Helper Chrome browser extension to view the data that is sent using the FaceBook Pixel. With all of that in place, I added an item to my cart. The pixel event shows that the event_id parameter is populated:</p>
    <p>see screen shot</p>
    <p>Likewise, the request that was sent to the API also contains a value in the event_id parameter:</p>
    <p>see screen shot</p>
    <p>I also had a look at the issue tracker here: for any reports of this type of behavior caused by the Facebook for WooCommerce but I was unable to find any. This leads me to believe that this is caused by something external to WooCommerce or Facebook for WooCommerce. If you are able to provide the exact steps that can be taken to reproduce this behavior under the following conditions:</p>

    1. An unmodified, default WordPress theme such as Twenty Twenty or Storefront active.
    2. No other plugins except for WooCommerce and Facebook for WooCommerce active.

    <p>Please do provide those steps and we can take a closer look.</p>
    <p>We do understand that placing a site under those conditions may be disruptive. Many people maintain a staging copy of their site for exactly this purpose. That way, testing and troubleshooting can be done on the staging copy without disrupting the operation of the live site. If your host does not provide an easy way to set up a staging site, you might want to use something like the WP Staging plugin for this purpose.</p>


    I am adding to this as I have the same issue and none of these suggestions are solving it.

    I upgraded my woocomerce and my plugins a couple of weeks ago. Before the upgrade I just had browser events coming from pixel. Since the upgrade a conversion API connection has been established (I am guessing this is an upgrade within the facebook for woocommerce plugin). This new conversion api connection is sending duplicated events for initiate checkout, add to cart and search events.

    When I go into events manager and try and manage the server events it says there are no events setup for it.

    My developer has checked the header codes and there is no code in the headers. There is no other plugin which could be sending events or adding code. I have not used pixel helper.

    Please any help would be greatly appreciated

    I’m having the same issue, only for AddToCart and Purchase events.

    There is no code in the header; the only place I have added code is via the Facebook for Woocommerce app. I tested this by searching for the pixel under View Content with the plugin active and deactivated, and the pixel only showed up when the plugin was active.

    I don’t have any custom conversion events attached (that screen shows “Get started with custom conversions”).

    I have used the Facebook pixel helper.

    Would love to clear this issue as I need my ad data to be correct for the money I’m spending on ads.



    Is there any way to have this escalated – it certainly appears to be an issue with the new plugin as this issue is being seen by multiple people and occurred when the plugin was updated. We have triple checked and we have no other plugin or code in the header generating additional events.

    Our ad budget is multiple thousands of pounds a week and the ads are not performing due to these erroneous events.

    I am very very keen to get this resolved and this plugin support is the only channel who can assist.

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    Hi @richardspencerjones and @jesskumanovski,

    Since you’re not the person who originally started this topic then, per the forum guidelines, please start your own topic? We’ll be more than happy to help there 🙂 – You can add link to this in your post in case you want to keep the thread short.

    See you on the other side!

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    You can also keep an eye on this thread or share any solution that worked for you.

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    Well done @jesskumanovski!

    Hi @richardspencerjones,

    We haven’t heard back from you in a while, so I’m going to mark this as resolved. If you have any further questions, you can start a new thread.

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