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    Hi Jean,

    Looks great the new plugin. Much, much improved readability with just some small modifications of the display! Super!

    Will have to wait and see for a while about the issue on “posts not showing” (other thread).

    Here’s one other strange thing though:

    A post from a feed appears in duplicate on the page.

    Look here:

    This is my feed display page with the new plugin (and with WP 3.5.1).

    A bit down from the top, currently in position 7, there is this post “Traditonal Swedish Ox tail soup. Vinblogg: Testimony of a wine junkie | Publicerat 2013-03-16”

    It appears twice in the list, in position 7 and 8 currently.

    In the blog feed the post appears only once.

    In my list of All Feed Sources the source appears only once.

    I think I have seen this behaviour already before the upgrade to version 3, so I am quite sure it was something that happened already before. (I remember having seen it for the same source actually.)

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  • I had another blog feed that was also behaving strangely so I decided to clear all feeds and move everything to trash.

    So now there is almost nothing there.

    We will have to wait until it rebuilds.


    Plugin Author Jean Galea


    Thanks for the feedback 🙂 Keep me updated then on how it performs.

    Same thing here and I have also deleted everything :/ let’s see how it goes. I was using the WP-Super Cache plugin, so I decided to disable it to test and see if it had anything to do with the issue.

    OK, so I flushed the old posts and it’s been running for a week and the plugin has been picking up new posts as it should.

    But there seems to be an issue with some posts showing in duplicates.

    Here’s my front page, with the blog listing:

    There are two posts in that list that show up as duplicate:

    – “Where once vines stood tall” from the blog Testimony of a Wine Junkie, and
    – “2009 Synthesi Aglianico del Vulture” from the blog Lessrof

    Other posts from those same two blogs appear in the list *without* being duplicated.

    I have also double-checked that they are not listed twice in the feed source list.

    To me this is not a big problem. Two posts in quite a long list. Perhaps it has something to do with how they posted the blog posts (maybe they posted twice and then deleted one of them? On the other hand, the links point to one and the same post.)

    PS: Jean – on a different subject: great improvements in design and control you did in v3! Makes the plugin much better!

    Re the previous post: just had feedback from one of the bloggers concerned. He had published and then unpublished (to do some edits) and then republished the post.

    Have not heard from the other blogger yet.

    Plugin Author Jean Galea


    I’m glad you like the improvements, spent a lot of time thinking about how to make things as easy as possible. Keep me updated about the issue then, for now we can assume that it is not the plugin’s fault.

    I’m still on the analisys after I deleted the saved posts.

    Jean, one thing I can think as an improvement on the plugin is that it checks the existance a given URL on the saved posts list of the plugin (I am using 50 to display and 200 saved). If it finds, it will remove the oldest and save the “new” one.

    This way the old one will not appear as duplicate and the new one will appear on the top. If we assume the post is being duplicated due to reposting/updating/deleting/recreating, that makes sense to keep it on the top of the list as a new post. Well, at least for me 😉

    Fred Marvila

    I’ve had a reply also from the other guy who’s blog is getting duplicates. His most recent post, “Allt är inte kor som råmar!”, is also duplicated on my display page:

    This is a new post by him today so it is the second duplicate from his blog.

    He says that he did not do anything “unusual” with it (e.g. published > unpublished > re-published). (And who know, maybe his memory falters…)

    Anyway, to me this is a minor problem and I guess that in any case we would need more data to debug it. If there is anything to debug.


    Plugin Author Jean Galea


    Guys, have you had any other issues re duplicate posts? I’m releasing an update shortly and would like to confirm whether this is still an issue or not.

    I haven’t changed anything on the blog, so I guess it is still happening. Once the update is done, I’ll update it and check once in a while for the issue.

    btw, thanks for the update of the plugin!

    Have not seen any recently. When I heard back from at least one of the blog authors who was subject to this and he confirmed that he had published, unpublished, and republished the item, I concluded that this was probably the cause.

    If it had still been a frequent problem I would have seen it.

    But my guess is that it was not a plugin issue but had to do with what I mentioned above.

    Plugin Author Jean Galea


    Just wanted to update this thread to tell you guys that I’ve found the cause for the duplicate feed items and it is fixed in version 3.1, out soon.

    Excellent! I’ve seen it a few times recently but so seldom so that I have not worried about it. Thanks for the update!

    Plugin Author Jean Galea


    Welcome Per, if you get the issue again just open a new thread since we’re now a few versions ahead, and we’ll look into it.

    I am currently on 3.3.1 and I see *plenty* of duplicates.

    I will update to the latest version when I have the chance to test that it is compatible with the site and then I will open a new thread.

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