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  • We are getting the same entry repeated multiple times in Changed Files logs. It looks like this log gets written once per day. Some days there is just one log entry but other days the same entry gets written multiple times. For example looking at entries for last few days:

    2012-12-29: 1 entry at 20:43:21
    2012-12-28: 6 entries at 20:41:44, 1 entry at 20:41:51 and 1 at 20:41:53 – all entries are the same
    2012-12-27: 1 entry at 20:14:03
    2012-12-26: 1 entry at 20:13:29 and 1 entry at 20:13:36 – both the same
    2012-12-25: 1 entry at 20:09:50
    2012-12-24: 1 entry at 20:07:30
    2012-12-23: 2 entries 20:06:02
    2012-12-22: 1 entry at 20:01:47 and 1 at 20:01:50
    2012-12-21: 1 entry at 20:00:10
    2012-12-20: 3 entries at 19:57:44, 1 at 19:57:47 and 1 at 19:57:48 – all the same
    2012-12-19: 3 entries at 19:28:16 and 9 entries at 19:28:17 – all the same

    What could be causing these multiple entries?
    We’ve experienced our server become unresponsive on a number of occasions around the time of the log entries. Is this process intensive on server resources?
    What other features of the plugin are intensive on server resources? (we want to disable anything that’s intensive on resources so that we can see if this solves our problem with intermittent server lockups (9 times in last 6 weeks) that we’ve been having.
    What accounts for the difference in the time that the log entry gets logged each day? Is it that the scan takes place at the same time and takes a variable amount of time?
    Is there a way to schedule it for a different time (e.g. in the middle of the night when website is not busy)?

    Thanks in advance to anyone who can shed some light on my questions.
    – Aidan

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  • Anyone able to help me with this issue?



    Mine may not help, but I just want to share my experiences.

    I personally think File Change Detection is not very helpful. When I enabled it, I get report of frequent change of some files which is not cause by hackers but some of the plugins change the files, it is a captcha plugin that try to generate its images and the autobackup plugin generate the backup files.

    And I did see some significant server load increasing if I enable the plugin.

    So now I have disabled this feature.

    I have the same problem.

    Yes, some plugins generate new files or update old files. But you can exclude it from the scope.



    Oops, typing error. I mean:

    I did see some significant server load increasing if I enabled the File Change Detection. So now I have disabled that feature.

    The plugin is great, I love it.

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