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  • wpagentur


    Hi i have the same problem. Plugin works but every hour (like i set) it not only check the rss by new post it imports the old again.

    Please help.

    Same here,
    As a result the external blog entries permanently dominate the activity stream with the repeated entries. Making any other site activity disappear off the bottom.
    I’ve had to stop using the plugin, Is there a way around this problem? or a fix in the pipeline.



    Plugin Author modemlooper


    I know about this issue. I will probably write a new plugin.

    Its a very useful plugin. Thanks.

    Will try changing “minutes” to “days” on line 269 of bp-groups-externalblogs.php and change the various arrays accordingly.

    This certainly won’t stop repeats but MIGHT lengthen the intervals.

    Any ideas or of potential schedule for update.

    One idea to stop duplicate entries

    Try this -preferably first on a local install.

    1) back up database

    2) deactivate this plugin

    3) Empty caches (important)

    4) Try adding the code below at line(new line) 285 of

    'cookie': encodeURIComponent(document.cookie),

    save the file.

    5) reactivate the plugin

    6) please report back as to whether it worked or not!

    I tried this fix and so far it’s working much better and not duplicating, but I had to pull a fresh feed to start so I can’t tell yet if it will duplicate. I’ll report back if I have errors.



    Well it didn’t work for me. At first I thought it did but nope, every hour it pulls in duplicate feeds.

    I really liked this plugin too.



    Oops, forgot my link.
    It’s pulling from a facebook feed.

    Hi @modernlooper – We’re just wondering if you had any spare time to finish off a new version of the plugin? It is so useful and perfect for our site but obviously the duplicate feeds continue to be an issue. Is there any timeline on an update?


Viewing 9 replies - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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