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    Hi, I have a cron job set up to send out news post notifications out via WP Mail to 107 club members. Problem is I am getting reports back for various people using different email providers that they seem to be getting the email notification twice. This is annoying people and I don’t want them to unsubscribe because the system is not working correctly. I have sent test messages out and I can’t find any faults. Any help much appreciated. The installed plugin is at the latest Vers 4.5.6.

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    We’re sorry to hear about the email duplication issue.

    Could you send us the following details so that we look into the issue?

    1. Screenshot of the Campaigns page (Email Subscribers > Campaigns)
    2. Screenshot of the Reports (Email Subscribers > Reports) page highlighting the campaigns you are having the issue with.

    Thanks for the quick response. Can’t see how to send any screen shots as this doesnt have a means of attaching anything and pasting into this box is not doing anything. Also the email received notifying me of your reply was the NoReply type. Looking at the campaign screen, can’t see how that would help as it has two entries one for a test and the actual newspost one and no other detail. Then in the Reports screen its just a list all the previously sent out news posts, with again no detail that would help you. I can’t obviously give you a list of the individuals details as this is against our GDPR policy. I did find another post with a similar issue, so apologies for repeating the issue, but it does not look like its fixed for him either. He was on about the WP_es-emaillist and WP_ig-contacts lists, which after some help from a developer I found the second one has 108 contacts which is as per the current subscribers list, but in the first one there is 101 contacts which was when it was at version 3.X. I found one contact who had a previous email address in 3.x version and he did get the message twice, so I have deleted his old email address. It seems to be random on who it sends it twice too. Could I delete the whole wp-es-emaillist as I am on the 4.5.6 version? Why has the old one been left when updating to the newer version, surely it should have got rid of unwanted files as firstly it takes up space, but also contains individuals personal data?

    You may notice in my initial post I mentioned I have 107 subscribers which is correct as I recently unsubscribed one person and removed him from the list, yet when I went into the database to look at the particular lists, his details were still there and hence 108 were in the list. Surel,y once a person is removed, unsubsribed etc, their details should be completely wiped/removed and not left in any database somewhere hidden away.

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    This may happen if there are multiple campaigns set up and we will get to know if we can check out the screenshots. Could you upload the screenshots to a file sharing service and send them to us via our contact page? Or just leave the link to this post there and our support team will get back to you.

    > their details should be completely wiped/removed and not left in any database somewhere hidden away.

    Unsubscribing is different from deleting a contact. If a subscriber unsubscribed to their subscription, their contact’s status is changed from Subscribed to Unsubscribed and they won’t receive emails any more.

    If you don’t want them to be in the Audience page, you will just have to “delete” them under Email Subscribers > Audience.

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