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  • I’m wondering how to work around duplicate content, but giving visitors an easy layout to view categories, topics, posts and pages. The URL’s are changing based on where you access the post or page from but if you click the title to the actual post, the content is the same. Perhaps a snippet on the category and topics page will eliminate the duplicate content issue but I cant seem to figure out how to only include a snippet.

    Any help with the snippet? Any other workarounds for duplicate content problems?

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  • What do you mean with duplicate content? Do you mean that one post is on the index, the archive, the search results, etc.? It’s the same post. If you use the Excerpt Editor plugin, you can make excerpts of all the post on the index, archives, tag and category pages (not at the search results, but there’s a workaround for that) and you can make it so that people can only read the whole thing in the ‘single mode’.

    By duplicate content, I am speaking in terms of search engine optimization. It means that you have more then one link with different URL’s (from categories, from topics, etc.) pointing to the same content. The above example from gangleri can be used as well.

    The problem with this is that search engines penalize your pages if duplicate content is detected. For example, if you write an article and submit it to an article submission site with out any modifications from the article that is posted on your site, to the article that is posted on the article submission site, the search engine can deem your content as duplicate content. This will effect your article showing up in the search engine rankings thus limiting traffic to your site or blog.

    Thanks for the response. I will have a look at that Excerpt Editor. What exactly is single mode?

    What exactly is single mode?

    Strange expression, excuse me. I just meant to say that when you click on a posts “permalink”, it opens in the single.php and this you can make the only place where a post is displayed in full.

    i saw some site have duplicate content and they achiving good ranking in major search engines..

    Thats exactly what im looking to do Gangleri. I thought I set up the blog to show snippets but it doesnt seem to be working the way i thought or I made a mistake somewhere. Can you refer me to an place that can help me with this? While on this topic, I am concerned about writing a post and associating it with more then 1 category. Is anyone seeing any duplicate content penalties by linking to multiple categories?

    Udayns, Im not sure how that would be possible unless the content was not deemed duplicate or the search engines haven’t caught up to it yet or the search engine deemed the duplicate content on the page your saw more credible. Duplicate content is a major issue with search engines, especially in recent years. Lots of software has been developed to prevent it from happening. It happens inadvertently in blogs b/c of the many different categories you can link a post to. Each category you link to creates a different URL pointing to the same content. This is considered duplicate content.

Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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