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  • The latest version is giving me duplicate comment errors and stopping posts at the comments section. The messages read: “Duplicate comment detected; it looks as though you’ve already said that!”

    When I look at the source code, I also get a message which reads: “Ticket #11289, IE bug fix:”

    Something in the code is now erroneously triggering WordPress’s default duplicate comment message. I am going to roll back and see if the same problem is replicated in previous versions.

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  • Not sure if this has fixed it permanently but I caught the imported Facebook comments going to the spam filter. I have approved them and now the duplicate comment remark is gone. Consider this fixed unless I find it re-occurring. Not sure why the comments were marked as spam.

    Thanks for reporting this problem. I will fix it in the next version.

    What spam solution are you using?

    One other bug I found is that I am having problems posting unless I enter a specific excerpt for the plugin. Even though I have entered a WordPress excerpt of under 250 characters, I get an error message that the description length must be less than 10,000 characters.

    As for Spam, I am not using a Spam filter because I have Disqus installed with Akismet. So it is strange that messages are getting caught in the filter. Not sure why yet.

    I would like to see the exact error message you get, because I like to find the cause of it. Can you post it here?

    The just released version 1.56 should fix the duplicate comment problem when a Facebook comment was marked as spam (for whathever reason).

    I have a question: does the plugin work correct with Disqus?

    For other people reading this: it might, but then only if you enable the option ‘Copy comments from Facebook to WordPress‘ and since plugin version 1.54.

    I will see if I can replicate the problem and the error. I had never had it in previous versions of the plugin, so I am not sure if I can. And since I don’t have a spam filter, I’m still not sure why they were sent to spam yet.

    The plugin does work with Disqus in that both Add Link to Facebook and Disqus import comments into WordPress as the central comment repository. In order to get the comments to show in Disqus though you have to import them into Disqus manually – which requires running through every post to check for new comments not in the Disqus system. That is a Disqus issue.
    I have been thinking of asking them to fix this by allowing import of specific posts or import new posts only type of functionality.

    Thanks for your details answer about Disqus.

    I am particularly interested in the 10,000 characters message. I suspect Facebook has imposed a new limit recently, which should go into the plugin too.

    The just released version 1.57 of the plugin will truncate all texts sent to Facebook at 10,000 characters to prevent problems. This can be changed with a new plugin setting when needed.

    I will upgrade now. Many thanks. Just to let you know what happened on the 10,000 character issue, I just saw a version of the Facebook post on Seesmic for Android and saw that the new Facebook posting methods (using 1.56) completely overrides the excerpt and posts the entry in full. That must be why the 10,000 character message has popped up.

    I may be missing something, but I think posting the full post as the Facebook post excerpt is what will cause the 10,000 character trigger.

    Which text gets where depends on what plugin options you have set and if you wrote a WordPress or Facebook excerpt or not. Take a look in the User Guide for more details. If you are in doubt, send me the debug information (see the last question in the FAQ for how-to). In any case you shouldn’t get error messages from Facebook anymore, if you use the latest version.

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