• I installed this plugin and it works very nicely.

    However I recently looked in code view and see that every single heading in all of my (very long) articles has duplicate span ID code. I have ruled out every possible cause, except this plugin (since it creates these classes for the ToC to work).

    Here is an example:

    <h3><span id=”Field”><span id=”Field”>Field</span></span></h3>

    EVERY heading is like that!

    1. Have you seen this before? If so, how/why does it happen?

    2. How do I fix it without going through tons of code for tons of pages?

    3. If I uninstall the plugin, will it remove all span ID tags so I can install again and start fresh with all that duplicate code removed?

    Grateful for some help, spent hours already on working out what caused this!
    Many thanks

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    I would really appreciate an answer here, I have dirty code and want to clean up, and I was advised this plugin caused it! Thanks

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    Well it appears there’s next to no support for this plugin, which rings alarm bells for me. Time to uninstall. Never mind, was fun while it lasted.

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