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    Duplicating or cloning a page, post or other post type is an essential feature that every person will at some point occasionally or regularly need to do. e.g: Copy/Paste
    Users should not be forced to find such a plugin (some don’t work effectively) and waste time due to missing essential functionality.
    The best plugin I have found to fill this gap is Yoast Duplicate Post
    please add this to core WP.

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  • Joy


    Funny, I have never needed to do this.

    I do this all the time, I frequently publish an updated version of an old post, but I do not need a plugin for this. I just copy the text from the old post to a new post, I have to make a new post for this, but I have no problem with that. The structure of the post is preserved. Works perfectly for me.

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    When your post or page has any kind of formatting, tags, categories, or other meta data, you want to clone it with a single click. This is standard copy/paste, which must be built into the system.

    alexcumbers: if you mark the content of a post and copy and paste it into another post the formatting is preserved. In other words, this is actually built into the system. You just dont see it until you try it.

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    Copy / Paste is slow workaround just for the content, NOT all the other metadata that can be associated with a post or page.
    This why various plugins have been created to plug this gap in functionality and why it should be built into the system by providing a clone/duplicate button in the Post/Page view.
    I wonder if any moderators are reading this, getting this is an important feature.

    I always use 3rd party plugin. That’s plugin is “Duplicate Post” just find it and install on your website

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    The whole point is NOT to need a plugin. Some duplicate post plugins don’t even work reliably making it really problematic.

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