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Duplicate Category and Tags Slugs

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  • because both are different things. One is category and Other is tag. There have no relation between them.

    Please read my question again because your answer doesn’t make any sense. Your answer would suggest that what I’m asking IS possible…in which case, how?

    Perhaps I can explain further: if I create a category called “umbrella” and then create a tag called “umbrella”, WordPress will automatically change the tag slug to “umbrella-2”. Why? How do I stop that from happening?

    If they actually have no relation to one another, as you suggest, then why is one affecting the other?

    Any answers?

    Anyone ever find a solution to this? There’s no reason for it to stick a “2” to the end of the tags since the URLs for tags and categories are different. It makes no sense.

    Yeah, I’ve never found a solution. Does the same thing for categories. You can’t have two child categories with the same name, as in /parent-1/child/ and /parent-2/child/, WordPress just makes the second one /parent-2/child-parent-2/ so it looks to the search engines like search engine spam. Absurd. Completely different path in a real world, static html folder structure but WordPress can’t find a way to fix it in their backend and seem to have completely given up on trying. It’s completely counterintuitive and completely counterproductive for good SEO. WordPress, however, aren’t interested in fixing it. It came up during some misguided bug report way back in the day. They “fixed” it by doing this. And now it stays. Functions that need to call a category should call the ID instead. It stays. We tell them it’s whack, it’s broken, it’s not what we want. It stays. Whatever.

Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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