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    Hi there,

    Since we updated WordPress and LifterLMS to the newest version (to 3.36.2 from version 3.15), we have two issues with quizzes:

    1. – Duplicate quizzes (i see it in LifterLMS Reporting – see screenshot)
    2. – Duplicate answers in all quizz questions (in backend and frontend – see screenshots)

    Other infos that might help:
    – There is no caching plugin active
    – I have a “disable gutenberg” plugin

    How can we solve this easily and quickly?

    Thank you for your quick reply.

    The page I need help with: [log in to see the link]

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  • Hi @simeonmeder,

    I’m sorry you’re having this issue!

    Can you please provide us with a copy of your system report: https://lifterlms.com/docs/how-to-use-the-lifterlms-system-report/ following the WordPress guidelines for adding code: https://wordpress.org/support/forum-user-guide/faq/#i-need-to-post-code-is-that-okay

    This will help us get a better sense of what’s going on site wide and if there are any potential conflicts that could have arisen after you updated your site!

    Let us know if you have any questions about passing along this information!

    Thanks and take care,

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    Thanks for the reply, here the report.
    I’m hoping for a very soon answer about the solution.


    Home Url: https://onlinekurs.hochamwind.ch
    Site Url: https://onlinekurs.hochamwind.ch
    Login Url: https://onlinekurs.hochamwind.ch/wp-login.php
    Version: 5.2.4
    Debug Mode: No
    Debug Log: No
    Debug Display: Yes
    Locale: de_DE
    Multisite: No
    Page For Posts: Not Set
    Page On Front: Not Set
    Permalink Structure: /%postname%/
    Show On Front: posts
    Wp Cron: Yes
    Version: 3.36.2
    Db Version: 3.36.2
    Course Catalog: Angebote Online (#2) [https://onlinekurs.hochamwind.ch/kurskatalog/]
    Membership Catalog: Mitglieder (#42) [https://onlinekurs.hochamwind.ch/mitglieder/]
    Student Dashboard: anmelden (#37) [https://onlinekurs.hochamwind.ch/anmelden/]
    Checkout Page: Kasse (#44) [https://onlinekurs.hochamwind.ch/kasse/]
    Course Catalog Per Page: 9
    Course Catalog Sorting: menu_order,ASC
    Membership Catalog Per Page: 9
    Membership Catalog Sorting: menu_order,ASC
    Site Membership: Not Set
    Courses Endpoint: my-courses
    Edit Endpoint: edit-account
    Lost Password Endpoint: lost-password
    Vouchers Endpoint: 
    Autogenerate Username: yes
    Password Strength Meter: yes
    Minimum Password Strength: weak
    Terms Required: yes
    Terms Page: AGB (#642) [https://onlinekurs.hochamwind.ch/agb/]
    Checkout Names: required
    Checkout Address: required
    Checkout Phone: optional
    Checkout Email Confirmation: yes
    Open Registration: no
    Registration Names: required
    Registration Address: required
    Registration Phone: hidden
    Registration Voucher: optional
    Registration Email Confirmation: no
    Account Names: required
    Account Address: required
    Account Phone: optional
    Account Email Confirmation: yes
    Confirmation Endpoint: confirm-payment
    Force Ssl Checkout: no
    Country: CH
    Currency: CHF
    Currency Position: left_space
    Thousand Separator: ,
    Decimal Separator: .
    Decimals: 2
    Trim Zero Decimals: no
    Recurring Payments: no
    Email From Address: admin@hochamwind.ch
    Email From Name: hochamwind
    Email Footer Text: 
    Email Header Image: 121
    Cert Bg Width: 800
    Cert Bg Height: 616
    Cert Legacy Compat: no
    Stripe: Enabled
    Stripe Test Mode: Disabled
    Stripe Logging: no
    Stripe Order: 1
    Manuell: Disabled
    Manuell Logging: no
    Manuell Order: 1
    Mysql Version: 5.5.5
    Php Curl: Yes
    Php Default Timezone: UTC
    Php Fsockopen: Yes
    Php Max Input Vars: 1000
    Php Max Upload Size: 16 MB
    Php Memory Limit: 256M
    Php Post Max Size: 16M
    Php Soap: Yes
    Php Suhosin: No
    Php Time Limt: 30
    Php Version: 7.2.22
    Software: Apache
    Wp Memory Limit: 40M
    HTTP USER AGENT: Mozilla/5.0 (Macintosh; Intel Mac OS X 10_13_6) AppleWebKit/537.36 (KHTML, like Gecko) Chrome/77.0.3865.90 Safari/537.36
    Name: Onlinekurs Hoch am Wind
    Version: 1.0.0
    Authoruri: http://fe-agentur.ch
    Template: twentyseventeen
    Child Theme: Yes
    Llms Support: No
    AffiliateWP: 2.3.4
    AffiliateWP - Affiliate Area Tabs: 1.2.7
    Disable Gutenberg: 1.9
    LifterLMS: 3.36.2
    LifterLMS Stripe Payment Gateway: 4.3.2
    Redirection: 4.4.2
    Regenerate Thumbnails: 3.1.1
    Simple Image Sizes: 3.2.1
    Smush: 3.2.4
    UpdraftPlus - Backup/Restore: 1.16.17
    Wordfence Security: 7.4.0
    WP Affiliate Manager: 2.6.6
    Yoast SEO: 12.1
    BbPress: No
    BuddyPress: No
    Template Overrides


    Prior to LifterLMS 3.16.0 users were able to exploit a bug in LifterLMS that allowed you to “share” quizzes (eg have a single quiz used by multiple lessons) as well as share questions between quizzes (have the same question on multiple quizzes).

    This was a bug in LifterLMS (from our perspective). When we released 3.16.0 we *fixed* this bug and the 3.16.0 database migration intentionally duplicates any quizzes and questions that are shared since it is no longer possible to share these elements.

    Since releasing 3.16.0 we’ve had quite a few users note that they *did not consider this a bug but it was actually a feature* so in a future version of LifterLMS we’re working to figure out how to allow quizzes and quiz questions to be shared. However, at this moment quizzes and questions *cannot* be shared like they could in versions prior to 3.16.0.

    I’m sorry for this jarring change. I wish that we would have realized how many users wanted to share questions before we approached this as a bug (we had a lot of reports in support of users accidentally changing a quiz in Lesson A when they updated Lesson B’s quiz (because they never realized the questions or quizzes were shared!). But we never had anyone say something like “I love that I can share quizzes between lesson!” In retrospect we know more than we did then.

    I hope this explains what’s going on here and please let me know if you have any questions.


    Thread Starter simeonmeder


    Hi @thomasplevy
    Thank you for your answer.

    Although I think it’s another case here. We didn’t share quizzes.

    And did because of the deletion of that feature all lifterlms (that used shared questions) have double quizzes and double questions? Or is this something else, that’s not related to this?

    How can I quickly “clean” my quizzes, so that there are no double questions?
    Also when I try to delete duplicate answers i get error messages sometimes (see screenshot here).

    Please help us fix this quickly.


    Hmmm I’m not sure about that… A long time ago we used to recommend a 3rd party csv to quiz question uploader which we learned during the 3.16 upgrade actually created quiz questions in a non-standard format and caused some duplicates for users who had used it prior to upgrading. They fixed the issue after we became aware of it but any affected users would have duplicate questions like this. I don’t recall it creating duplicate quizzes but the duplicate questions happened.

    Did you ever use a plugin like this to create your quizzes and quiz questions? If so, I think this might be what happened here.

    I don’t recall exactly how we fixed it because it only happened to a small number of users and this was nearly 2 years ago that I was dealing with this in support.

    To proceed I’d need to be able to inspect the malformed data in the database to see what the malformed question data looks like that’s creating these duplicates.

    Since you have LifterLMS Stripe installed you have access to our premium support desk via your account at https://lifterlms.com/my-account/my-tickets

    Would you please submit a new ticket there so we can share credentials securely and also bump this up in priority and find a solution for you.


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    Ok. As you don’t see a quick solution to solve this via database or so and have not had the case before, we will just delete all the duplicate answers in LifterLMS and hope it works fine afterwards.

    As we tested it yesterday, it seems to run fine after deleting duplicate answers. So we just have to go through all the quizzes and clean them up.

    Thanks for your replies,

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